Calisthenics – Street-Workout meets Fitness


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Calisthenics is the new megahype! It is muscle building through self-weight training. The whole thing may sound a bit boring now, but it’s not.

From street workout to trend sport

Calisthenics is an urban sport that originated in the outdoor playgrounds and training grounds of New York. The bodyweight exercises were discovered there in the early 2000s by the street workout scene and enriched with a few elements from other sports.

The term Calisthenics comes from the Greek and means something like “beautiful strength”, because practically every muscle is used, from shoulders to abdomen to back and calves, the trend sport ensures a beautiful silhouette.








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But what is Calisthenics?

There are now several calisthenics parks around the world where you can perform various exercises on parallel bars, horizontal bars and poles. The focus is on intermuscular coordination and balance. In contrast to classical strength training, calisthenics promotes multiple muscle groups and the interaction of muscles and joints. In addition, the movements are calm and concentrated. For the basic exercises push-ups, squats and pull-ups you need nothing but your body and possibly a climbing frame at the playground.


Streetlifting, or Weighted Calisthenics, refers to a form of calisthenics in which various deadlift exercises are made more difficult with the use of additional weights. Weight belts, kettlebells, barbells, weight plates and vests are often used in streetlifting. This form of calisthenics is often used to improve maximum strength. Othe forms of calisthenics are Freestyle, Endurance, Strength Skill and Sets & Reps.








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Especially now that gyms and other gymnasiums are closed, calisthenics is a great alternative. All you need for the workout is a playground or a pull-up bar.

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