Yoga in the Hangout-Village Canggu on Bali

Yoga auf Bali

Canggu on Bali hasn’t been a secret tipp anymore for quite some time but is still a must for every yoga-fanatic. Why? Just read the article below. 

Canggu was once a very unknown little fishing village on Bali’s west coast and is now “the place to be” for Hipsters, Surfers, Yogis and everyone who wants to get into Yoga. You’ll stand out in “the Gu” if you don’t care about at least one of the three classifications.  Everything grows and expands so fast, that you can’t be sure, that my little “guide” through the jungle of yoga studios contains everything.

My absolute favorite is the „Desa Seni“. There you’ll find very experienced teachers from different yoga styles, who all have their own little fan base. If you practice there on a regular basis, you’ll meet familiar faces very quickly. The yogashala is small, surrounded by lots of green and an oasis of silence. By now, a rarity on Canggu.

„The Practice“ opened its doors in February of 2016. A studio that is loved and well known, especially for its owner Octavio. Not too far away from the famous surf spot “Batu Bolong/Old Man”, “the practice” sets great importance on community and tradition, still following a very modern anatomical orientation in the Asanas.

The „Samadi Bali“ is described as an organic café and a yoga and wellness centre by the owners and this description fits perfectly. The yoga style is mostly Ashatanga, but also Yin Yoga and Yoga for surfers is on the list.

Besides the countless surf and yoga camps there are a couple of accomodations, that offer drop in yoga lessons. An example is f.e. Serenity Eco Guesthouse, The Chillhouse Bali and Ecosfera Hotel Bali, just to name a couple.

In Canggu you can find a suitable yoga lesson at any time of the day. That way you can plan your day after tide and forecast (you’ll find surfable waves for every skill level around Canggu) and can enjoy a yoga lesson, a massage or a relaxed lifestyle before or after that.

Sandra Wagner

Sandra Wagner


Be prepared for a very loud and chaotic island. As romantic as Bali looks in the pictures, as different is reality. Bali is booming, there are construction sites everywhere and the roads are crowded. If you engage with the island, you’ll quickly become a part of the whole craze and Bali is going to fascinate you quickly. Despite of all the hectic pace, the watches definitely go a little slower than at home. Pelan–Pelan – Just take it easy!


Malaysian Airlines and Emirates often have very good connections from Frankfurt and offer the alternative to bring your equipment for free. From Denpasar Airport it takes you about 45 minutes by taxi to get to Canggu. On , you’ll find an overview of the prices and can’t get tricked by the tourist prices. The best thing to do is to rent a scooter when your there, because without any vehicle, your pretty much lost.


My personal favorite are the homestays. These good but still convenient homestays can’t be booked online beforehand. I advise you to book an accommodation for the first couple of nights and to start looking around when you’re there. The longer you stay, the cheaper it gets. A better homestay with a pool, airconditioning and your own bathroom can be rented for around 6 Mio. IDR (around 400 €) per double room. If you pass on any type of luxury you can rent an accommodation for 100.000 (7 €) a night. Obviously there aren’t any boundaries upwards. Because a lot of expats have settled on Bali, there is a big amount of mansions that can be booked completely or just room wise.


The regional and international cuisine, with a huge selection of vegetarian and vegan meals, can kill your time. At night, hipsters, locals, yogis and surfers celebrate together in a relaxed ambience with live music and no dress code at all. Who wants more, is in Seminyak in just around 20 minutes. The sunsets are legendary and should be enjoyed by the beach with a fresh coconut in hand. If your experienced on the scooter, you can explore the island all by yourself.

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