The Perfect Travel Destinations for Fitness Lovers

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Sun, palm trees and the feeling of freedom – everybody loves to travel. For fitness fans a vacation must not only include relaxation but also the possibility of workouts. We introduce three amazing travel destinations where you can find the perfect balance of relaxation and fitness.

It is hard to find the perfect travel destination for a fitness lover. Either the vacation is too relaxing or too focussed on the fitness aspect. Yet, we have found three stunning places which let every fitness fan’s heart beat faster. Find out why you should consider Croatia, Brasil or New Zealand as your next travel destination.


Source: unsplash / Dauen Kim


Good wine and amazing coasts for diving – Croatia offers fitness fans the perfect opportunity to explore the water world of Croatia’s cost and relax with a good glas of wine. If diving is not your pair of shoes, Croatia offers a 1.800 km long coast which you can cycle down and incredible trekking routes which lead to little caves.


Men adore Brasil for its soccer, women for its dancing. Brasils traditional Salsa attracts several fitness lovers every year and makes them fall in love with the swift movements. If Salsa is not your case, you should try Brasil’s famous martial art Capoeira. After a long Capoeira session, you can relaxe on one of Brasil’s beautiful beaches or enjoy a match of street soccer with the locals.

New Zealand

With the 15.000 km long coastline, New Zealand is the ultimate place for water sports. Next to kiting, swimming and surfing, New Zealand offers a perfect landscape for long trekking tours and canoeing up and down the Whanganui, New Zealand’s third-longest river. If you are more of a adrenaline junkie, New Zealand is the birth place of bungee jumping and has several head-spinning bridges to jump off in store for you.


No matter where your wanderlust leads you, you have plenty of places to choose when you want to explore the world while still satisfy your inner fitness lover.


This post is partially based on an article of life&squat, March 2018

Source: unsplash / Klemen Lorber