Three essential reasons why we love online yoga

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IBS Publishing Team

Whether you practise it to enhance your strength or to relax after a long day at work – we all love yoga. Yet sometimes you might not feel up to going to the studio even though you are in desperate need of a yoga session. No worries – online yoga is the perfect solution for you!


The solution is called online yoga. Via your desktop or mobile device you can access the video of the yoga session of your choice. The session is performed by a trained yoga instructor who takes you step by step through the workout.


Sounds good, doesn’t it? We know three essential reasons why online yoga is a perfect alternative to your in-studio sessions.

Source : unsplash/ CATHY PHAM


After a stressful day at work or on a rainy day nobody really wants to head to the yoga studio. Yet, if you are in desperate need of a good yoga session, online yoga is the perfect alternative. You just have to roll out your mat and you are good to go. This is also convenient for early risers or night owls: Often there are no yoga sessions on that early or late, therefore online yoga is a perfect solution for them.


The home is where your yoga mat is. Even if you love the atmosphere in your yoga studio, it sometimes is quite relaxing to be alone. No pose is too embarrassing, you are not judged for your (lack of) flexibility and you can just be yourself. Also, you can have your yoga session everywhere you like. This is definitely a plus.


No matter if you are a beginner or a yoga pro – there are video sessions for everyone! Whether you prefer a short, but intense workout or a longer and more relaxing one, there are many sessions held by different trainers. So, even if you don’t like one instructor, there are several others to choose from which is definitely an advantage compared to a live yoga session..


There are many advantages to online yoga, especially when it comes to the time and place you can have your yoga session at. If the other advantages have not convinced you yet, the price probably will: The monthly fee for online yoga is as high as the fee for one single lesson at a studio.

Source: unsplash/ Avrielle Suleiman