These three tips will show you the best way to run through autumn


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Do you lose the desire to run in dirty weather? We’ll still say get off the sofa, because autumn is the best time for running training! We’ll show you how to jog through autumn and winter with guaranteed fun!

Tip 1: The right motivation

Don’t worry: we can understand that you’re not exactly jumping for joy when it comes to running in the dirty weather. But don’t let the cold and drizzle get in the way of your sports plans.  Right now it’s worth putting on your running shoes, because running is never as useful as it is in the cooler months of the year! We’ll get you off the sofa!


The trick is: Don’t stress yourself and take the pressure out of running. Autumn and winter are perfect to build up the running bases for the next year. Don’t run for the best time, but slow down your pace and cover a few kilometres in a relaxed way. This is the best way to develop basic endurance. And this is exactly the basis for every running workout. Another important argument is that regular runs in autumn and winter save you the much harder re-entry after a long break in spring.

In addition, other routes can help you to break through the usual running routines. Discover something new and enjoy the winter atmosphere. So the fun won’t get lost and you still do something for your fitness.

Source: unsplash /Minna Hamalainen

Tip 2: The right clothes

Don’t dress too warm! When running the body core temperature rises, too warm clothes will only make you sweat unnecessarily. At best you wear a second thin layer over your running underwear to absorb the sweat. If it gets really icy, there is a third and warming layer to protect you from rain and wind.

But less is more here. Before you start running, you should therefore feel that you are dressed too cool. Because no matter how cold it is, the running movement increases the body core temperature and you are guaranteed to sweat. What can never be protected well enough are the head and neck, because the body loses most of its heat at these points. Besides a hat and scarf, gloves and thicker functional socks are a sensible choice when running in autumn and winter.

Tip 3: Safe running despite wet conditions

You only have to adapt your run to the external conditions. So you have to be slower than usual. The shorter the ground contact, the lower the probability of slipping. Reduce the rolling movement and make rather small tripping steps. With this method you can even run safely over freshly fallen snow. The irregular surface and the increased risk of slipping have not only disadvantages, but actually a big advantage: mastering both requires a higher concentration in order not to slip. And this is exactly what proves to be an advantage: the sense of balance is trained on the side, the musculature is put under different strain and challenged anew.


Running in autumn and winter means that you first have to fight against your slacker – but it’s worth it to pick it up. With our three tips, you will run through the dark and cooler season in a relaxed way.

Source: unsplash / Fil Mazzarino

This article is based on an article in WomenHealth magazine.