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The idea of slow fashion instead of fast fashion has gradually reached the gyms and running tracks. Sustainable raw materials, high-quality workmanship and fair trade have spurred these sportswear brands to produce slow fashion. We introduce you to trendy Slow-Fashion labels with which you can contribute to environmental protection during training.

wijld: Made of Wood

Hard to imagine, but wijld produces sportswear of wood. At first it sounds uncomfortable, scratchy and somehow massive, but in fact it’s not. On the contrary: the garments are surprisingly soft and offer incomparably light wearing comfort. But comfort and style are only half the story for the winner of the German Sustainability Award for Start-Ups. wijld obtains its wood exclusively from certified sustainable forestry, which makes the garments of the German start-up additionally environmentally friendly. In the video below you can see how they spin wood into yarn and make a Woodshirt.

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Oceans Apart: Fully sustainable & fully in vogue

Oceans Apart produces activewear that is both fashionable and sustainable. The pieces are processed in a resource-saving way and are 100% vegan. The fact that sustainability does not necessarily mean a lack of style is proven by the hip and modern cuts of the leggings and tops of Oceans Apart.








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Mandala: Green Yoga Spirit

A high standard of style, fair working conditions and resource-saving production are combined at the German fashion label Mandala. The yoga clothing is made entirely from natural or recyclable raw materials. Accordingly, the raw materials are cultivated ecologically and sustainably. Fair working conditions and adequate wages are also a priority at Mandela. Plus point: The range of leggings and tops offers something for every taste. From simple monochromatic two-pieces to strikingly playful sets, there is certainly something for everyone.

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This is how the WoodShirt from wijld is made! (Source: YouTube / wijld)


The sportswear labels wijld, Oceans Apart and Mandala attach great importance to doing something good not only for health but also for the environment.

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