Sports camps- The mixture of being on vacation and working out


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For sports fans, it is sometimes difficult to find time and equipment for daily sports activities while being on vacation. How good that there are sports camps for this. But which sports trip is right for you?

There are many different summer camps, especially for children. But adults can also enjoy this luxury. There are now a number of different providers who offer a week long vacation combined with physical activities. The best-known format are yoga camps, which invite you to spend a week with yourself and to relax. But there are a number of other options. In this article we present the three most popular sports camps for adults.


A particularly popular option among young people are surf camps. These camps allow you to learn how to surf or to improve your skills. The cozy atmosphere helps you quickly find a connection to the group.

Surf camps are logically located in regions that are close to the sea and ideally serve as surf hotspots. Popular destinations are Portugal and France. In addition to the best waves, these regions also have summer weather.

Before going into the water, participants receive theory classes where they learn important information and rules about the swell and surfing. For example, it is important to know when the waves are too dangerous to surf. But everyone also gets a lot to offer on land. Because nature alone is a highlight on its own.

The accommodations depend on the location, but are often rather simple in the form of camping in tents, bungalows or sheddies. So if you prefer luxury vacations, you are wrong here. Since many camps can only be reached by plane, the complete equipment is provided on site.

Pure Surfcamps is a popular provider which offers surf camps around the world.

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The goal of yoga camps is to offer participants a place to relax. Most of the time, these camps are located in more “remote” places away from tourism, such as small mountain villages. But also villages on the beach are becoming more and more popular.

The total package usually includes the yoga classes themselves, wellness treatments in the form of massages and body or face scrubs, and leisure activities such as meditation, aerobics or cycling. Meals are usually provided in the form of half or full board. The meals are usually well-balanced and consist of high-quality ingredients.

Yoga camps tend to be suitable for everyone. However, those who regularly attend yoga classes and are considered experienced should choose an appropriate camp/organizer to avoid feeling under-challenged.

At Yogaescapes you can find many offers for a yoga camp.


Tennis camps are especially popular for families, because everyone can easily learn and play this sport. Especially beginners tend to us this opportunity to learn the sport through regular training sessions. Advanced players see this as an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season under the best conditions.

A training day usually includes 1-2 training sessions per day. Training is done in small groups to give each individual player enough attention. In addition, the group sessions are perfect for getting into conversation with each other. Once the training sessions are over, everyone can spend the rest of the day as they wish. In the evening there is often a program to strengthen the group dynamic.

Accommodation is usually a large hotel, which has several tennis courts. Meals are available in the form of half board or full board. Sometimes even all inclusive, so that the participants have enough food between the training sessions.

The selection of tennis camps is large. Whether family camps or for routine players, at Patricio Travel you will find many offers.

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Sports camps are not only a great way to keep up your sports routine. They also offer plenty of space to try new sports and meet new people. We can only highly recommend such trips.


Whoever wants to visit a sports camp should not hesitate for long. Often the sports camps are booked up quickly.

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