Trend sport plogging – combining sport with environmental protection


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Once again, a new trend from Scandinavia is sweeping over to us. This time, however, it’s not a fashion trend or a new app, but a sport called plogging.

Combining sport and environmental protection – what sounds like a new campaign by a sports equipment company is actually a new sport from Sweden. The idea is to combine jogging and picking up trash. In this article we explain what positive effects this trend also brings for your body.

What is the new sport like?

You don’t need much for plogging. I’m sure everyone has most things at home anyway. Just put on your sports clothes and take one or two garbage bags. Then you’re ready to go. Whenever you see trash on your favorite route, stop and pick it up. When you get home, simply dispose of it in the trash can provided. Remember to take a photo of your plogging session and support the trend on social media.

The positive effects on health

Like so many other sports, plogging has a positive effect on health. Jogging alone strengthens the heart and circulatory system and helps prevent diabetes. Not only physical health benefits from the new type of sport. Jogging triggers, even it is hard to believe for many, happiness hormones in the human body. This is the best way to reduce any kind of stress and also prevent depression. In addition, the joy of having done something good for the environment prevails in the end.

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Plogging is a new trend on social networks that still receives too little support. So be part of the movement and combine the will to do sports with climate protection.


The Swede Eric Ahlström is considered the inventor of the movement, who first started the trend in the summer of 2017. There are now small communities in many cities that meet regularly for plogging.

Image Source: Adobe Stock / David Pereiras