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Since Corona, many have found enthusiasm for hiking. It’s a great way to take time out and clear your head. So if one day is too little for you, cabin hiking is just the right thing.

When going on a cabin hike, you walk through the mountains for several days and spend the night in so-called mountain huts. Kilometers of ascents and descents in front of the most beautiful natural scenery, followed by dinner in a mountain hut and waking up to the most breathtaking sunrises – a cabin hike has many advantages. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about a successful cabin hiking trip.

Planning the trip

A cabin hike is not the easiest activity. Therefore, at the beginning you should determine a route that corresponds to your hiking level. In addition, there are the following points to consider in your planning:

  • The right season: The best season in the European mountains is late summer and autumn. The passes are still free of snow and the cabins are not overcrowded. In addition, it is then no longer too hot.


  • Reserve a place to sleep in the huts in advance: It is best to check whether the huts are open during your planned time. There then best to reserve as early as possible.


  • Check your fitness level: The cabin hike should be adapted to your personal condition and technique. Such a multi-day hike can not be simply canceled.


  • Coordination with partners: If you planned a joint cabin hike with others, then the difficulty of the daily stages and the required breaks must be coordinated with the one whose fitness level is the worst. Especially if it is a cabin hike with children.

The right Equipment

Since you carry your backpack on your back for several days on a cabin hike, it is enormously important to pack properly and take only the most necessary things with you. Our tip is therefore to write a suitable packing list beforehand. Maybe there are already existing ones that you can find on the Internet. In any case, we advise you to pack the following things:

    • The right hiking boots + socks: this is essential to have a good grip on the mountain and to avoid blisters. In case of emergency, you should still think of blister plasters.



    • A reasonable hiking backpack: This will not only ensure that all your things are also safely stowed, but also have a comfortable feeling during the tour.



    • The right hiking clothes: in the best case, these should offer protection from wind, rain and cold. The so-called onion principle (several pieces of clothing on top of each other) is perfect for this.



    • Useful accessories: headlamp, pocket knife, sunscreen, blister plaster, first aid kit



    • For the cabin: cabin shoes (slippers like Adiletten), cabin sleeping bag, washing things, cash (in the huts there is usually only cash payment), Oropax, Powerbank


The route planning

After all the arrangements have been made, it’s time to plan the route. As already mentioned, you should pay particular attention that this also fits your fitness level. We have two popular routes from the Bavarian Alps for you:

Around the Watzmann

A highlight in the Bavarian mountains is the Watzmann. A traverse of the Watzmann is something for professionals, but there are multi-day tours around the Watzmann that are perfect for a long weekend.

The hike leads through the Berchtesgaden National Park in three stages. On the first day, the route from Königssee to the Watzmannhaus is on the program. After an overnight stay, the second stage follows, which ends at the Wimbachgrieshütte. The tour ends at the Kärlingerhaus. From there, the next morning the trail leads over 36 hairpin bends in the Saugasse down to the peninsula of Sankt Bartholomä. From there, the boat takes you across the Königssee back to your starting point in Schönau.

In total, this hike extends over 53 kilometers and with about 4000 meters of altitude. Nevertheless, this tour is absolutely recommended just because of the beautiful nature. In addition, the landscape around the Königssee reminds of the Norwegian fjords.

Chiemgauer Cabin Tour

The Chiemgauer Hüttentour belongs to the easier multi-day hikes. The starting point is at Lake Chiemsee, which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria and also the largest lake in Bavaria. In general, the Chiemgau mountains are perfect for cabin hikes.

On the first day of the four stages, it goes to the Chiemgauer local mountain, the Hochries. There you will find the Hochrieshütte, where you will spend the night. The next day starts with a four-hour hike up to the Priener Hütte. The last day leads only to the Kampenwandbahn. Once there, it’s either by hiking trail or with the Kampenwandbahn down into the valley. After a long tour, no one can blame you for taking the train.

In total, the tour is 31.5 kilometers long and climbs up to 2750 meters in altitude. The route is especially recommended for inexperienced hikers who would like to try a first cabin hike.








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During a hut hike it is good to forget the everyday stress. Especially the constant view of the Alps and the beautiful nature are helpful in this endeavor. In addition, hut hikes offer the optimal opportunities to get into conversation with other people, as there are usually also multi-person rooms at the huts. Whether beginner or professional, there is a suitable tour for everyone and with the right equipment can be easily mastered.


If you want to start hiking, you can check the website of the German Alpine Club for ways to get started.

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