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Training your strength is an important part of a work out. But strength training in not only grabbing some weights and train for a bit, there are certain tips you have to consider to achieve a good training result. We have some of those tips for you here.

Training in Progress

It could be so easy: Just hit the gym, pick up some weights and train along. Yet, strength training is not as easy as some people might think. There are certain rules and tips one should consider to achieve a satisfying training result. We have put together a list of helpful tips which can revolutionize and foster your training experience and progress.

Train regularly

Your body adapts to what you do to it. For a training progress you have to challenge your body so it grows muscles and gains strength. However, when you train only seldom and irregularly, your body will adapt to this and consequently become less powerful again. So keep training!

Warm up before

It does not matter if you only want to do some quick exercises or commit to a long work, you need to warm up your body before training. Your muscles are not as flexible when cold and you might actually cause some damage to them if you decide to skip warm up. Also, warm muscles are stronger and more flexible which gives you a better training experience.


Source: unsplash / Victor Freitas

Check your position while training

The correct position during an exercise is essential. If you hold the weights to high or bend your back too much you firstly do not have the desired training effect and might actually hurt yourself while training. So before picking up weights, you want to learn the right way to do an exercise to guarantee a hurt free and efficient training.

Slow is always better

You get the best training results from slow and controlled movements. Most people just want to get over with the exercise and move way too fast. However, if you take some time and hold your muscles for some seconds, the effect is much better.

Choose your weights carefully

If you are a beginner it is advised to first train without weights to learn the movements. But if you are already a bit more proficient, choose your weights so you can do your planned repetitions correctly and are too exhausted to do another rep.

Vary your exercises

Since your body adapts to your exercises, you have to vary your training plan. Include new exercises and tools to push your body further.

Train both sides

Everybody has a better side while training. Yet, it is important to train both sides equally and try to even out the differences with optional extra exercises.

Check your order of exercise

The order of your exercises is important. You should start with the bigger muscles like legs, back and chest before moving to the smaller muscles groups like arms, shoulders and abs. Most of the smaller muscles are already affected by the exercises for the bigger muscles, so it would be counterproductive if they were already exhausted.

Consider your breathing

Breathing is important, even for strength training. Combine your movements and breathing to achieve a smooth training. Move the weight while breathing out, and breath in when you return to the starting position. It’s almost like yoga.


Those tips might seem superfluous, but it is necessary to keep them in mind. Even the most proficient athlete might forget one thing or another occasionally. Yet, if you follow all these tips you will quickly see new training successes and enjoy your training even more.

This article is based on an article by WomansHeath.

Source title image: unsplash/ Scott Webb