Compression socks – No more sore muscles


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Zlatoust, Russia - August 28, 2016: marathon runner running in forest wooden bridge, feet in compression socks during Mountain marathon

We all know this feeling – just when you have set your new running record, your calves start to cramp and you are forced to stop. Even in the following days you are still suffering from sore muscles. That’s over now! Compression socks help you to regenerate more quickly, even during exercise! We explain the wonder socks!

Pressure for more power

The focus of compression socks is on the calves – especially the artery. The slight pressure applied causes the muscles around the arteries to relax. As a result, the artery has the opportunity to expand better, i.e. to increase its diameter. A larger diameter allows more blood to be transported, and consequently more oxygen. The muscles are therefore better supplied with oxygen-rich blood and nutrients such as magnesium and calcium. Lactate can also be broken down more quickly from the muscles.

The next race can come!

The consequences of this mechanism are faster regeneration and the minimization of muscle soreness, as the removal of waste products is facilitated. The muscles are optimally supplied with sufficient nutrients and cramps as well as symptoms of fatigue are reduced. Furthermore, the optimal fit of the socks prevents blisters from forming.

To get back to our running situation: In this context, running socks dampen the stress that is put on the muscles with each impact. This reduction in vibration results in fewer micro-fractures in the muscles, which in turn prevents muscle soreness and makes running more comfortable. Of course, the socks can also be used in other sports, the main thing is that sufficient pressure is applied. Popular brands that produce compression socks include CEP, Relaxroll and DANISH ENDURANCE.

How to put on CEP socks properly! (Source: YouTube / CEP Sports)


A whole new running feeling! Compression socks ensure faster regeneration and reduce annoying muscle soreness. Cramps and fatigue are history!

Source cover image: iStock / sportpoint