Acro Yoga – what’s behind the trend?


IBS Publishing Team

Acro Yoga – the mix of yoga and acrobatics is more than just a trend. We found out why the sport is so popular.

The concept

Since Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer founded Acro Yoga in 2004 in San Francisco, not only Yogis love the dynamic moves. Acro Yoga is a physical as well as a spiritual experience and is about finding and accepting trust. Two people, the flyer and the base, practice the movements together: The base lies on the ground and lifts the flyer on its hands and feet. The roles can and should be swept from time to time, even if most people prefer one of them. In addition, there should be a spotter on the side, making sure safety and stabilization is guaranteed. Thereby, Acro Yoga is teamwork.

Source: Unsplash/ Thought Catalog 

What makes Acro Yoga special?

Even it may look like it, the base won’t be immediately exhausted by lifting the flyer. Principles like extending the legs and relieving the pressure on the back and the joints are not only helpful but also necessary to prevent injury.

The flyer will need body tension and flexibility but most importantly trust. Acro Yoga is about finding balance together and and share a movement. The physical and emotional connection between two people also is what makes Acro Yoga so special.

First steps

Acro Yoga is for everyone who is looking for a dynamical, variational practice. You should be willing to build trust and share effort to create communication through movement. Every age is welcome to participate in a workshop and learn asanas and flows. There are also a lot of videos online showing basic moves and positions to try at home.

Source: YouTube / Mady Morrison


Acro Yoga is a lot of fun and builds flexibility, strength and trust. It allows us to find out what we are capable of ourselves and in combination with a partner. Everybody interested will find a nearby workshop for sure!

Source title image: Unsplash / Ruslan Zh