10 minutes express workout: mini exercises with great effect!

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Flat belly, firm bottom, defined arms and slender legs – sure, that’s what we all want! If only workouts weren’t always so time- and work intensive. But that excuse no longer counts. In this article we show you how you can define your curves without much effort – in only 10 minutes.

The arms

It is a fact that women least like to train their arms. But these super simple exercises are guaranteed to provide defined arms. We would like to introduce two exercises:


Exercise 1: Push-up

The cover of this article shows the most intensive but also most effective exercise for the arms: push-ups. This exercise is an all-rounder for the whole body but above all for the triceps! To do this, go into the push-up position and direct your eyes towards the floor. Your hands are right under your shoulders. Then stretch your arms and bend your elbows and lower upper body slowly until your chest touches floor. Repeat 10 times.


Exercise 2: Butterfly

This exercise strengthens the shoulders. If available, it is best to add a gymnastic ball. A dumbbell in each hand (1-2 kilos are enough for women, men should use more). Lay your stomach on the gym ball, stretch your legs backwards with your weight on your toes. Extend your arms forward and then parallel across the side to the back as far as possible! But be careful: Your back should always remain straight. 10 times back and forth.

Source: YouTube / LivestrongWoman

The stomach

In order to train the stomach as intensively as possible in those 10 minutes, two very effective exercises are recommended:


Exercise 1: Increased plank

This exercise defines the whole stomach. On the left picture you can see how it works correctly. Support your forearms with a gym ball, stretch your legs backwards. Place the weight on your toes. Head, shoulders, back and legs form a straight line. If you don’t have a gym ball, you can also do the exercise without it. Hold your position for 30 seconds and then release. After a short break, hold on for another 30 seconds.

Exercise 2: Arm extender

This exercise trains the straight abdominal muscles and works similar to the first exercise, but without a gym ball. Push-up position: Head, back and legs form a straight line again. Tense your stomach. Extend your right arm straight forward and hold for one second. Put it down again and then stretch it again. Fifteen times, then switch the arms.

Legs and bottom

Exercise 1: Mountaineers

This exercise trains the thigh muscles and is similar to the two previous abdominal exercises. Support your forearms on the gymnastic ball, stretch your legs backwards. Your weight is on your toes. Head, shoulders, back and legs form a straight line again. As you might have realized by now, it’s pretty easy to remember those exercises! Keep leading the left knee to the ball without break for 30 seconds. Then change legs. Take a short break and do 3 sets.


Exercise 2: Butt Bridge

Lie on your back. This exercise strengthens the bottom. Your arms lie next to the body. Legs are bent at a 90-degree angle, heels are on the gym ball. Raise pelvis, press heels into ball. Back and pelvis form a straight line. Hold your position for one second, then lower the pelvis again. 15 repetitions.

Source: YouTube / LivestrongWoman


And you’re done! Those fast exercises still have a great effect. With these express exercises, you can get your whole body in shape. Let’s get on the mat, shall we?

Source title image: unsplash/Form