Stay on track – Refreshing fitness trackers for swimmers


IBS Publishing Team


You no longer need to count lanes with these smart gadgets. These trackers for swimmers collect data during your workout and promise uncomplicated handling in the cool wet. Stand at the edge of the pool, put the tracker on and dive into the smart workout.

These innovative fitness trackers are specifically designed for swimmers and either sit classically on the wrist or track performance through the goggles or even the swimwear they are sewn into.

Garmin Swim: The classic wrist tracker

The swimming watch from Garmin Swim with its sleek design, measures the distance and speed covered on the lanes. This data is supplemented by an analysis of the individual swimming style in comparison with the number of moves made per lane. By placing the watch on the wrist, every forward movement is automatically detected, whether it is in freestyle or butterfly style. From this data a swim efficiency value is calculated, the so-called SWOLF. These features make the Garmin Swim the ideal fitness tracker for lane swimmers.

Spire Health Tag: seamlessly integrated

The Health Tag organised by the health monitoring company Spire proves that smart swimming does not have to be expensive. A tiny stick-on tracker in the form of a label will keep you informed about your training performance. The Spire Health Tag is attached to the swimwear and measures the data almost unnoticed. According to the manufacturer, the tracker should be so light and “clinging” that it is hardly noticeable on the skin when swimming and therefore cannot disturb.

For an extra charge of almost 30€, the smart data recorders can be seamlessly integrated into a swimsuit or swimming trunks.

Zwim: Everything in sight

With the smart Zwim swimming goggles you will never lose sight of your data again. The tracker, which is attached to the side of the goggles, measures your workout data in real time. By fixing the motion-sensitive tracker to the temple, much more accurate data can be recorded. Unlike a Smart Watch, which measures movements via the arm pull, the Zwim synchronizes data via the direction of head movement.

On a “Near-Eye-Display”, i.e. the lens as a screen, the pulse rate, time, number of lanes and calories burned are recorded live and in colour.

The smart swimming goggles from Zwim display the data in real time. (Source: YouTube / SportTechie )


To increase performance, swimming requires the utmost precision. Therefore you have to know exactly where there is potential for improvement. The smart technology of the trackers allows to focus on the swimming technique instead of counting tiles at the pool edge. After a training session, the currently swum data can be retrieved online and further analysed in a longitudinal section, taking into account previous workouts.

Source cover image: Pexels / Guduru Ajay bhargav