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KITE Magazin

He jumps from one of the largest buildings in the world, the famous Burj Al Arab, or a 60-meter high crane, climbs with the kite into the top of a racing yacht, blows from the cliffs – it’s a bit crazy or skør, what the Danish kite pro is doing …

Merely kiting is not enough

Jacobsen differs from his colleagues in the kite surfing community. Just ride on big waves from the one side to the other is too boring for him, as he says. He rather fascinates with daredevil jumps and thus robs his viewers regularly breath. Again, and again, he provides spectacular stunts to impress his fan community. And his crazy ideas are always appreciated: his sponsors, the label Cabrinha or the billionaire Richard Branson are completely behind the crazy Dane. The label Cabrinha does not matter at all that Nick hardly takes part in competitions.


Source: YouTube / Kiteworld Mag & The Kite Show

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„Die haben von Anfang an gewusst, dass das nicht so meins ist. Wir haben uns dann entschieden, gemeinsam einen anderen Weg zu gehen. Wir alle haben viel Erfahrung im Kiten, und mein Job ist es nun, Videos zu machen und bei der Entwicklung mitzuhelfen. Wir versuchen, Cabrinha in eine etwas andere Richtung zu pushen – weg von diesem normalen Hin- und Herfahren.

With Liam and me, we have the perfect combination. Competition on the one hand, and a bit of madness on the other, “says Nick during an interview with KITE magazine.

Source: YouTube / Kiteworld Mag & The Kite Show



The Dane Nick Jacobsen convinces his fan community regulary with his breathe taking und crazy stunts.

Source: YouTube / Kiteworld Mag & The Kite Show