Windsurfing: 2016 is going to be huge!


This news has one topic and one topic only: Windsurfing! A sport with breathtaking manouvers and epic waves in sometimes really scary conditions.

Windsurfing is mostly an underrated sport. Truly sad and definetly a thing that has to change in the near future, because Windsurfing is here to stay for a long time. The fascination riding waves combining a surf board and a sail, to simplify it here, using mighty winds in sometimes chaotic conditions. These chaotic conditions may seem unreal and unbelievable to the outsider, but it is heaven on earth for Pro´s like Philip Köster.


The German native has dominated the Windsurfing scene for the last couple of years with only 22 years of age. We strongly advise you to take a peek at the clip below in which he rides for RedBull doing some seriously crazy stuff.


The sport itself originated around 1964, when a man named S. Newman Darby began surfing his “sailboard”. He did not patent it, but starting selling his product in the same year – that´s about all the history we want to inform you with for now.


Another name we have to mention here is Robby Naish, by far the most famous Windsurfer on the planet. He started an ongoing hype about the sport which led to international fame for him and Windsurfing. It even became an olympic discipline in 1984 before going into minor downfall afterwards. Luckily this slump did not last very long and the popularity level is on the rise again, thanks to guys like Philip Köster. We can´t get enough of this sport and love and appreciate it to the fullest which is why we want to push it to greater heights.


Picture source: Youtube / RedBull


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Look out for some unreal landings after a trick – the ability to control your sail and your board is amazing and crucial in windsurfing.

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