World Kiteboarding League 2017: Down on the boards!


Now it ‘s time for the World Kiteboarding League from 11th-17th april 2017 in Leucate, France. Say hello to the world`s top Kiteboarders, who will drop their boards again. Leucate in the south of France will be the first stop of the world Kiteboarding League 2017. 

The Mondial Du vent is a unique event with many board sport disciplines at the same spot. World Champions from Windsurf, Kitesurf and SUP give their best. The teamspirit and open atmosphere encourage many people to attend. And the region has become well known for its wind conditions.


Next to kiteboarding, there are many other exciting sport disciplines like X’TREM FREESTYLE, Kitesurf freestyle, super 8, Challenge des Coussoules and credit agricole Paddle.


This event is known for its challenging and tough conditions, that make it one of the most impressive tour stops. Especially because of well-known North Westerly wind: the Tramontana.


Source of title image: YouTube / Leucate

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Mondial du Vent has become one of the largest and most well known global kiteboarding events. Do not miss!