Workout like John John



The ultimate Surfer´s Workout – John John Florence is doing it, so should you.


How can you improve your strength for surfing? Well, you could try the usual: weight room, balance boards or functional training simulating standing up on a surfboard. Or you could improve your awareness inside the water as well as strenghtening your legs and core.

It looks like a lot of fun playing at the beach as you will see in the John John Florence Clip below, but it is an exhausting workout – that is for sure. Working out within the actual terrain will give you loads of benefits.

Here are three major pro points to include an in-terrain workout to be prepared the best you can be:


  1. Realistic utilization for the lower body
  2. Handling water conditions more efficient
  3. Minimize suprises drastically


A complete and truthful prediction of the water conditions is always hard to tell, but having worked out at the spot on the beach can help to adjust to the conditions.


Looking at the John John workout for example it is obvious that this one is a killer for your lower extremities, especially for your thighs. Running away from an approaching wave in the shallow water provides you with a real challenge due to the wet sand. A constant battle to not become absorbed by the sand and getting washed away by a wave is what really makes this exercise tough. Another aspect is the strength you need to have in your core. Being in a flexed position while sprinting is an extra plus for your abs in this workout. Keeping in mind that your movement is not always straight forward but slightly to the sides as well guarantees you a perfect workout for your lateral abs.


A second benefit of this beach workout is that it provides a great exercise for your shoulders and triceps area. You won´t make a run without falling down, that we can promise, so getting up again and again is really going to challenge your upper body, especially your shoulders and neck. With that being said, there is only one more thing left: Having fun working out at the beach is awesome, but please take appropriate safety measures first and make sure you workout with your practice squad or at least in a group of 3 or 4 people.


Picture source: Pixabay.


Surfing at a consistent level takes the right preparation whether it is the conventional way or a new more real workout setting. Put in the work before and you´ll have a lot more fun in the water surfing in different conditions!


As always, make sure you are warmed up properly and someone is standing at the beach supervising your workout in the waves. Safety first!


Really challenging exercise orientation-wise. It seems like running on the same spot the whole time – don´t let this bring your motivation down!


Constant soakage is the toughest challenge!!!


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Picture source: Youtube / Hurley; Pixabay

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