Kitesurfing as a lifestyle: Leonie and Marian

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Leonie Finke


Leonie Finke

A surfkite, a board, wind and the sea. That’s all it takes to go kitesurfing. Professionals and amateurs alike jet around the world to find the best spots to pursue their passion. Two of the pros are the IBS experts Leonie Finke and Marian Hund, who prove that with enough ambition and passion, you can achieve anything.

Kite impressions from two pros

Two people, one passion. That’s Leonie and Marian. They share their enthusiasm for the kite sport. Marian discovered the sport for himself at the age of twelve and became German freestyle kitesurfing champion in 2015.

Leonie now has ten years of experience in the sport. It all started in the snow for her. After numerous training sessions, discipline and the will to achieve great things, she has finally made it.

Because in mid-August it was time again. The Multivan Kitesurf Masters in Sankt Peter-Ording were on the agenda. The disciplines ranged from freestyle to slalom and racing. In the first discipline Leonie Finke won against the reigning record champion Sabrina Lutz. Third place went to Merle Mönster. Commenting on her victory, our expert said:

“All the hard work has finally paid off. Together with my boyfriend, I have intensively practiced the timing and speed for the different tricks over many months. I had basically mastered these for a long time. But now I finally had the confidence to perform to my potential in competition.”

At this point, we would also like to congratulate for the title.

On Instagram, she thanked her competitors as well as her boyfriend in the process. In their impression video, the two give us insights into their lives.

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Leni (@lenifinke)


Imagesource: Youtube / Lasse Schneppenheim

Moving for the passion

Those who love kiting have chosen a difficult hobby. Often you have to travel long distances to practice it. But it does not have to be that way. That´s what Leonie and Marian thought: The two wanted to spend more time on the water. Thus, after finishing school, they moved from southern Germany to Hamburg. Now they can kite whenever they want to, right in front of their own door.

Nevertheless, they have not stopped traveling. Especially at the weekend, the two take their red Bulli to explore the north and discover hidden shores. Also, various competitions and their curiosity bring Leonie and Marian to new places.


And that is a good thing. Because kiting is more than just a sport. Kiting means camping at the beach and waking up in the morning through the sun and birds. Kiting means always having a bit of sand in the car and letting your hair blow out of your Bulli. Kiting means being hungry in the evening and having the best food ever – spaghetti from the camp stove – before  happily slipping into your sleeping bag.


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Image Source: Youtube / Lasse Schneppenheim



One thing gets clear with this video: Kiting is not just a sport but a lifestyle. And Leonie and Marian enjoy it to the fullest.

Image Source: Youtube / Lasse Schneppenheim