How to become a yogi with Alo Moves


IBS Publishing Team

You want to be able to plan your yoga sessions and be instructed by popular yogis? Than you should know all about the app “Alo Moves”!

The brand

The brand “Alo” is well known among everyone interested in yoga and the yoga community on Instagram. Founded in 2007, the brand quickly gained popularity by collaborating with influencers. Their collections are not only comfortable but also fashionable, colorful and varied. That’s why you can spot Alo clothes on so many celebrities both in the gym and street.


Alo aims for sharing their passion for yoga and animates to integrate the balance and mindfulness of the practise into daily life. For this purpose they founded an App to make classes available to anyone, anywhere.

Source: alomoves

About Alo Moves

The choice of videos and series is wide and ranges from flexibility , strength or pilates sessions to mediation classes and calming flows. A class usually contains several videos that build on one another. For example you can do a 31-days-program to learn how to do a handstand, get stretchy with a five-video-course about flexibility or work seven days on that six pack.

Every series contains a preview and video about how to approach the plan. Furthermore, there is a selection of courses taught by different instructors.


Those are mainly popular yogis of the yoga community on Instagram. One of them is Dylan Werner, known as @dylanwerneryoga with 571k followers. On Alo Moves you can do several classes with him or other top yogis. The videos are all professionally filmed in nice surroundings, while the instructors are wearing Alo.


Alo Moves provides an incredible selection of videos for every purpose and level. Everyone who’s not willing to pay for different courses or several studios will find the perfect alternative in the app. All videos are also available online, a membership starts at $17 per month.

Source: Alo Moves