Aspen, the outdoor paradise


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High up in the Rocky Mountains lies Aspen, one of the most popular ski resorts in North America. The ski resort is considered the richest resort in America. But expensive sports cars are nowhere to be seen here! Let Aspen enchant you and find out why your next trip should go to Colorado.

Why fly to Colorado when the Alps are much easier to reach? Simply because the Rocky Mountains make every outdoor sports heart beat faster! In winter, Aspen is considered a ski resort of celebrities, but also in summer unlimited outdoor activities can be experienced by beginners and pros alike – without having to spend a lot of money.

Which activity may it be today?

Whether stand up paddling, mountain biking, climbing or trekking – the choice is huge! In addition, the weather conditions prove to be ideal for outdoor sports: during the day it is around 25 – 30 degrees with 11 hours of sunshine. The climate is also very stable, as rainy days are very rare with 6-8 per month.


Stand Up Paddling is especially suitable on the Roaring Fork River. In the middle of the mountains you can enjoy the landscape and at the same time do something good for your figure. But be careful: some rapids could easily throw you off balance, but they can be mastered in any case!


Altitude training made easy! Trail runners and hikers will get their money’s worth in the Rocky Mountains at over 2,500 metres! At sunrise, the twin mountains of Maroon Bells are the perfect place for a trip! Free busses transport hiking fans directly to the mountain of their choice, whereby you usually arrive very quickly at your destination.


Furthermore, Aspen’s neighbouring village Snowmass offers perfect conditions for cross-country and downhill biking. Simply take the ski lift up to the top and then ride at a rapid pace along the prepared tracks towards the valley. But don’t worry, every level of difficulty is represented here, so even inexperienced bikers have the opportunity to try out the mountain bikes.

Nothing could be more casual!

Walking through Aspen, it would never occur to one that this is the richest place in America. People often wear casual hoodys, skateboarders and cyclists take advantage of the good weather and in the evenings the bars are packed with people. All in all a pretty laid-back atmosphere.

Aspen – the dream for outdoor enthusiasts! (Source: YouTube / Nomad Travelin)


If that’s not worth a trip! Get your money’s worth this summer and enjoy action-packed summer days at over 2,400 meters above sea level. Aspen is waiting for you!

 Source cover image: Unsplash / Mike Scheid