Cycle ball – ride a bike and score goals at the same time


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There are many sports with the goal of scoring goals. But not on two wheels. This is where cycle ball comes into play and provides a new trend sport.

In short, cycle ball is a sport in which two teams, sitting on bicycles, try to shoot a ball into the opponent’s goal. What sounds a bit curious, is a well-known and popular sport. Whether it involves normal bicycles and what else the rules say, you can find out here.

The history of cycle ball

The sport was created in the 19th century by Nick Kaufmann, who was an artistic cyclist at the time. Allegedly, the idea for the sport came to him during a bicycle excursion, when he gently moved a small dog to the side via the front wheel to prevent a fall. Together with the artistic cyclist John Featherly, he presented this new sport to the people of England. This time, of course, with a ball instead of a dog.

The new sport quickly gained popularity in the USA. The leap to Europe was not long in coming. In 1901, the Berlin cyclists Paul and Otto Lüders introduced cycle ball to the masses.


Of course, bicycle polo can not be played with a normal bike. Players have specially made wheels, whose saddle is not only very far back, but also the handlebars have the shape of a vertical “U”.

The shift to the rear wheel and the narrow saddle have the advantage that long standing and reversing become possible. The handlebars also show their advantages here. Because especially players who have to stand a lot, have an easy handling here. But also when jumping over the ball or play it with the tire. If the player sits, he holds the handlebars below the bend. When standing then above. Cheap the wheels are not. The price of a new bike ball wheel can range from 1,500€ to 2,500€.

The theme is also “not all balls are created equal”. The game ball is made of elk or horsehair in the core and is specially designed so that it does not bounce great. According to experts, the ball can reach a speed of around 70 km / h in the game and thus already provide bruises.

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Rules and procedure of the game

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As in any ball sport, two teams face each other. In the younger age groups the game time is 2×5 minutes, for the U19 2×6 minutes and the adult teams play 2×7 minutes against each other. In total, there are three types of games:

  • 2 player cycle ball – 2 players per team
  • 5 player cycle ball -5 players per team
  • 6 player cycle ball – 6 players per team


Depending on the size of the team, the size of the playing field also changes.

The ball may only be played when the player has hands and feet on the handlebars as well as on the pedals. An exception is made for the goalkeeper. To prevent a goal, the goalkeeper may take both hands off the handlebars. Feet, however, must remain on the pedals. If the ball is blocked, the goalkeeper may not throw it further than the 4-meter line. In general, only one player is allowed to defend.

Touching the floor or the goal post is prohibited during the game. If this happens anyway, the player is asked to move behind his own goal line in order to participate in the game again. If this rule is disregarded, a 4-meter penalty kick will follow. This action may also occur if a player commits a foul, two players from the same team are in the shooting circle, or someone plays the ball with their hands outside the 2-meter shooting circle. Also, a player may not appear in the opponent’s shooting circle without the ball.

Tournaments and Championships

In Germany, there are a large number of clubs that belong to the Bund Deutscher Radfahrer. Similar to other sports, there is an active league system that ranges from the top leagues, such as Bundesliga, to the lower leagues.

In addition to national competitions, there are regular international comparisons. The highlight is the World Cycling Championship, which takes place every year.

If you’re looking for an unusual sport, you should definitely give cycle ball a chance. In addition to endurance, it also depends on skill and team spirit.


If you want to try out the sport, you can easily find out about the clubs in Germany at the Bund Deutscher Radfahrer. Maybe there is one right around the corner from you.

Image Source: Adobe Stock/ Miceking