Skiroller – the alternative to the winter sports cross-country skiing


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Many love to go cross-country skiing in the fresh air in winter. To do this, good conditions such as snow are a prerequisite. But what alternative is there for this in the summer? How can you practice the sport without snow? The solution is roller skis.

Rollski was first intended for professional sports. Cross-country skiers had the opportunity to continue and improve their training in the summer. The transition from roller skis to snow cross-country skis is not a big change and you can continue to train without any problems. In recent years, the roller ski has become established as a normal training tool and has won over more and more amateur athletes, since all muscle groups are trained and endurance is promoted.


There are basically two types, roller ski skating and classic roller skiing. Which is better, is selected with the condition of the underground. For example, bnei rides on gravel are not suitable low rails. However, with higher rails it can affect the balance. To be more sure what to ride on what surface, should get help in a sports store.

The different rollers also have an influence on the driving experience. Especially hard rollers are prone to change the driving behavior. Rough surfaces require soft rollers. For smooth asphalt / floor harder are used.

Ski poles are a very important part of roller skiing. For skating, poles should be about 15-20 cm lower than the height of the trainee. For the classic style of skiing it is recommended that the poles are about 25-30 cm lower than the body length.

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Anyone who wants to learn this sport for the first time should basically have a certain basic fitness. If you already have experience with cross-country skiing, you should not have any difficulties with roller skiing. The skating variant is also easy to learn with practice. Compared to the classic rollers, these are short and have narrower tires. Perfect for skaters or inline skates riders, since no special adjustment is there.

Running techniques

Double pole push: The relatively easy partial technique, describes a combination of two-leg glide and two-sided arm push-off. It can be used in downhill passages and in transitions from level to uphill.

Diagonal step: This is the oldest roller technique. The diagonal step is the perfect technique to learn the sport.  Because of the cross-coordination, the diagonal step is similar to human walking. Alternate leg push-off occurs and is supported by a diagonal arm push-off.

Double stick thrust with intermediate step: Another variant is the double stick thrust with intermediate step. This describes a technique which results from the classic technique of the double pole push and the diagonal step. In contrast to the easy double pole push, this technique is a much more complex cross-country skiing technique.


Even if you’re unsure, give it a try! Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite hobby of yours.

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