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What do Yoga and Climbing have in common? On the first sight, these two sport disciplines don’t seem to be very alike. But as soon as you take a closer look, you will realize: YogaAndClimb connect body, spirity and soul. Anyone who started one or the other, often stays with it and doesn’t quit.

Yoga helps with finding your inner balance, improves your mobility and strengthens your body. Your mind will be more focussed and you will be able to concentrate better than before. These characteristics are essential for the climbing discipline. Strength, good motoric skills and a high level of concentration are necessary.

When it comes to height, it is often our head that tries to trick us. When you almost reached your goal, people often face concentration losses. This is where Yoga connects. While doing Yoga, you train a calm and stable breathing and improve your power of concentration. It also strengthens the trust to your own body and abilities.

Body and soul are thankful for a right balance. Todays daily work routine brings many situations where you need to face stress, followed by evenings you spend in crowded gyms to get at least a bit of exercise after sitting in the office all day.

The mountain school Lechtal in Hinterstein located in the smallest village of Austria, in Gramais, combines climbing with yoga in their new established programme called “YogaAndClimb”.

Director and founder of the school, Hubs Lindner, has left the madness of high performance climbing. For him, the experience of climbing is more than reaching a higher level of difficulty now and then. Many professionals want to perform specific results, preferably fast and preferably high. Hubs Lindners aim however follows the approach to reach his goal, easy, precisely and still powerful.

By combining those two types of sports, Lindner was able to improve his climbing style immensly. Even though he couldn’t improve the level of height, he is now able to perform very difficult parts more prescisely and with less physical effort.

On top of that, his mental health and his power of concentration increased. His improved mobility and the newly gained easiness brings even more enjoyment to the athlethes discipline. His personal experiences convinced him to offer beginners and advanced seminars in yoga and climbing. The unique natural setting in which the mountain school is located makes it even easier to relax and let your spirit flow to make sure you find your inner balance.

Hubs Lindner


Hubertus Lindner


Yoga is the reason why I feel my confidence awakened and my mental strength gets fuel. The improved mobility and more body tension do the rest. Climbing is even more fun, now! :)

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