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The full-body miracle workout: Pole Dance!


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Dark clubs in which lightly dressed women stretch themselves lasciviously on a pole and men give them money. This wicked image is now a thing of the past! At pole dance courses fitness meets dance, acrobatics and of course aesthetics. We have taken a closer look at the fitness trend for you and we can tell you so far: it’s a full-body miracle workout!

What is Pole Dance?

The term Pole Dance describes a dance and sport form that can be found in the field of artistry, in dance schools as well as in combination with striptease. It comes from Asian acrobatics, which was originally practiced exclusively by men. Over time it developed into a sport. Chinese immigrants brought the sport to the USA, where it developed into erotic shows in bars, night clubs and strip clubs in the 80s. But fortunately the sporty aspect of pole dancing came to the surface from the 90s onwards. It is often performed with one or more fixed or freely rotating poles. The space requirement is relatively small.

Pole Dance Übung

Pole Dance demands all your muscles. Source: pixels/ pixabay

Pole Dance: A full-body workout

Girls, watch out! Because Pole Dance is a wonder workout! As a full body workout with exercises on and beside the pole, it combines strength with flexibility and elegance and not only helps you lose weight, but also improves your body feeling and posture. In just one hour, 400 calories are burned. Awesome!

Why is it so effective for the whole body? In pole dancing, sufficient contact pressure is produced partly by pure physical strength and partly by gravity to prevent or control sliding to the ground. Muscle power from arms, legs or hands is also used to generate a holding contact force. In addition, both the abdomen and the back are permanently tensed in order to maintain optimum body tension.

How is such a pole dance course structured?

Each course starts of course with stretching and strength exercises. As soon as the body is warm, it gets serious: tricks or whole choreographies are practiced. This is super practical, because the memory is trained and challenged at the same time. You learn the different names and tricks pretty quickly. So you distinguish between spins, which are tricks where you turn around the clip, climbs, tricks where you climb up or down on the bar, headfirst, which are exercises where you hang upside down on the bar and floorwork figures, exercises with floor contact on or next to the bar. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. Here it is quite clear: learning by doing and trying out is about studying. At the beginning you will collect quite a lot of bruises, but also here you should never give up. If you are more trained and have mastered the figures, pole dancing gives you a great body feeling.

Source: YouTube / The Pole Dancer


Off to the pole and let’s go! Pole Dance makes you happy, powers you out and offers a lot of fun inclusive! So go ahead, dare, book your first lesson, be courageous and test your physical limits. Anyone can learn pole dancing! Maybe you have a cool group of girls, then just book such a course for the whole group. So fun and shared memories are pre-programmed. Promise!

Source: pixels / pixabay