Snowbiking-The new action sport


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Whether skiing, snowboarding, or riding a snowmobile around the mountains. We all enjoy exploring the mountain during the winter and learning new things along the way. For all action lovers comes a new variant called snow biking.

Since the sport became part of the X-Games in 2017, its popularity increased constantly and rapidly. It immediately gained popularity, and many well-known freeriders devoted themselves to snowbiking. The most successful snowbiker at the moment is Brock Hoyer. He is an ex-professional motocross rider and switched to the new sport at that time. He is unbeatable in races that take place all over the world.

What is snowbiking?

Snowbiking is a mixture of motorcross and snowmobiling and is one of the freeride sports. You can only ride down the mountain and not uphill like you can do with a snowmobile.  It is best to ride in deep snow. The deeper the better, because on normal slopes it is difficult to implement unless you are a professional. Despite this, there are also competitions such as moto-style races or freestyle contests, where the best of the best are already dueling.


Of course, beginners can also try it and discover the new sport for themselves.

ibs snowbiken schneemobil
Snowbiking is a mixture of motorcross and snowmobile. (Quelle: Pexels/Sebastian Voortman)

Unfortunately, at the moment it is still difficult to rent snowbikes. There are not simply like skis at each ski rental. Many simply build it themselves at home, which is easily possible in a few hours, but whether it is worth it, because of the material costs to “try it out”, remains questionable.

How does a snowbike look like?

The basic structure of a snowbike consists of a standard dirtbike frame. The wheels are then removed from this and replaced with a ski at the front. Instead of the rear wheel, a track is attached, either a short or long one. The short one is advantageous for freestyle, as it makes the bike less and tricks are easier to perform. The long track is more suitable for racing and freeriding.


Snowbikes are light and maneuverable, which has the advantage to get better through narrow passages and take turns better. If you have a collision, it is also not so bad if the bike lands on you, because it is very light.

What to wear when snow biking?


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Snow biking equipment is a mix of motocross and snowmobile influences. The most common is a combo of:


  • Motocross helmet
  • Special outerwear
  • Snowmobile goggles
  • Motocross boots


There are already several brands that make special outerwear for snowmobiling, many of which are very suitable for snow biking.


Of course, you can wear what you want and what you feel comfortable in. Ski clothes are also not wrong.


If you really want to try yourself we have a tutorial for you here!

Source Cover Image: AdobeStock/Annatamila