Sailing in winter – cold and stormy or rather warm and exotic?


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Sailing, this sport is mostly associated with summer, sun and azure-colored sea. However, the winter months are also ideal for a cruise. This article reveals what future winter sailors need to know.

In Germany, for many people the sailing season begins only in spring and ends already at the beginning of fall, in order to avoid the first cold days and stormy winds. Other countries can only shake their heads with a smile at this seasonal restriction. In Norway or the Netherlands, for example, the season lasts the whole year, even through the cold winter months! In fact, winter sailing has a lot to offer. The nature shows itself from a completely different and wilder side. In addition oneself is mostly undisturbed and can fully enjoy the time at sea. The only requirement is that you are not afraid of cold hands and prepare yourself properly for your trip. Nothing holds you back to gain this new sailing experience.

There is no such thing as bad weather…

What generally applies to outdoor sports, and even more so to sports in winter, is the saying: there is no such thing as bad weather, it’s only the clothing that doesn’t work. Winter sailors should pay attention to warm, but functional clothing.

The best way to do this is to use the famous layering look: thermal underwear, breathable mid-layer, waterproof jackets and pants. Not to forget, of course, hat and gloves. But since it is a sport after all, the clothing must be functional and has to allow movements.

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Sometimes it’s about the weather…

We admit the weather can be an obstacle, especially for sailors, despite the right clothing. Before the first winter sailing attempt, it is therefore essential to check the weather conditions. Strong winds, snowstorms, frozen sailing routes – all this must be considered before starting a trip. In winter, therefore, only the largest inland lakes are suitable for winter sailing; they only freeze at very low temperatures and are less susceptible to storms than the open sea. In addition, the Baltic Sea and the Elbe in particular offer perfect conditions for winter sailing.

And for those who find it too cold…

Winter is not just winter. So if it’s too cold here and you still want to try winter sailing, you can take advantage of the much milder winters in other parts of the world. Depending on your mood and budget, there are several destinations to choose from. The Canary Islands, for example, are still relatively easy to reach and offer perfect conditions with an average temperature of 20 degrees and constant winds. Those who like it more exotic and are not afraid of the long and expensive journey, may prefer to choose the island of Martinique or the Gulf of Thailand as the next destination for a sailing trip.


Of course, this doesn’t have much to do with winter sailing anymore…

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