Surfing in Las Canteras


You are keen on learning how to surf and are looking for something extraordinary? Then Las Canteras, the absolute entertainment beach in Spain, should be on top of your list.


Reliable waves, warm water and many fancy extras – Las Canteras is continously voted to be one of the top beaches in Spain. No wonder why: With a length of more than three kilometres, the beach of Gran Canaria is a true paradise for any sports enthusiasts.

The north of the island is famous for its massive huge waves and therefore the main hot spot for surfers.

It is an ideal place for beginners. There are a number of surfing schools like the “Oceanside Surf Camp Gran Canaria, that is right next to the beach, who offer great surf instructor but also any kind of water sports equipment.

However, the beach is not only the perfect spot for surfers. A few metres to the south, you will find a beach volleyball court and the one or the other beach soccer match.

You want to stick to the water sports? Take a one hour bus ride and you will find a spot with amazing conditions for a great ride on your kite.


Hint: We personally recommend you to take the local bus to the beautiful historial old town of Vegueta and enjoy the spanish culture and atmosphere.


Picture Source: Pixabay



Not only water rats will be satisfied with the water sport opportunities. Any sports enthusiasts will come on their expenses during their stay on Gran Canaria.

Furthermore, the great price-performance ration and the close distance to Europe make the Canary Islands a favourable holiday get away.


After a 4 hours flight from Munich, we arrived in Gran Canaria. With the bus one can easily get to the surf camp and to almost all the other main spots on the island.


Hostels in Las Palmas de Granc Canaria are quite cheap compared to the european standard. Many students also find accomodations on airbnb or try out couchsurfing. This is a great alternative if you want to get in touch with the locals.


If the waves are not great for surfing, we recommend to go for a hike on the rocks of Roque Nublo from where you will experience a breathtaking view. This is an absolute must do when you visit Gran Canaria. If you don’t like hiking you can also drive up there.

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