Kitesurf-Pro Simon Hiemer exclusively interviewed: “I always wanted to learn flying!”


IBS Publishing Team & Simon Hiemer

Simon Hiemers passion is freestyle. But his life is playing with the wind. Simon already has more than ten years of kitesurfing experience and has been teaching worldwide for several years: Brazil, Philippines, Egypt, France, Caribbean, Germany and of course Italy. Today he is an international team rider for Future Kiting and got his own kitesurfing school “AVID Kiteboarding“in Italy.


In an exclusive interview Simon reveals how he discovered his passion for kiteboarding, how he decided to found a kite school on Lake Garda and what a kite professional does on days with no wind.

InspiredBySports: How did you come to kiteboarding and what makes it so special for you?


Simon: My dad was a windsurfer. So it was put right in my cradle. I have always been fascinated by windsurfing. When in 2006 North Kiteboarding introduced the Iron Heart System, a safe safety system, I was finally allowed to learn kitesurfing. The special thing about kiting has always been that you could jump much higher than when windsurfing. I wanted to learn to fly!

His element is water. (Source: Simon Hiemer)

Which kiteboarding trip do you remember best and why?


Simon: When I was 19 years old I travelled directly after school and for the first time alone outside of Europe for half a year to the Philippines. The water temperature, the breathtaking colors of the water and the beach knocked me down. The kite level was really high, so I could push my level with the guys on the spot.

WOW, that sounds very nice and productive! What can you tell us about your decision to open a kite school at Lake Garda and why there?


Simon: I had my first kite lesson at Lake Garda. I have been there again and again since my childhood and have learned to love the lake also in the last years as a kite instructor. Here at the lake we have a super constant thermal wind with an enormous wind yield. So just ideal for learning to kite. Besides it is not so far away from my home at the Chiemsee. With my kitesurfing school “AVID Kiteboarding” I wanted to pass on to the next generation of kitesurfers the great experiences I was able to gather here as a child.


That’s a very great thing you doing there! Of course we keep our fingers crossed for you that the kitesurfing school will continue to run as well. But now to the next question: If you are on a kite-trip, which 5 things should not be missing?


Simon: My Duotone Dice 10qm, my Future F16 Board (some oldschool but still my favourite board), sun cream of course, one of my Kitebuddies and a lot of good mood (even if something goes wrong).

Always with is board. (Source: Simon Hiemer)


What does a kiter like you do in winter?


Simon: Even as a full-blooded kiter I have to spend some time behind the computer in winter. I am also studying Online Business Administration and have to prepare a lot for the season start of my kite school. I get some rest and water time during one of my Kite&Sail trips which I organize with my school and partner “Lime Ways” in the Caribbean for example.

Fortunately, as an online student you can also work on the beach ;)


What do you do on a day without wind, what hobbies do you have besides kiteboarding?


Simon: When I’m not studying I do almost everything with a board under my feet or with a bit of action: wakeboarding, standup paddling, longboarding, snowboarding, but also volleyball and climbing.


Last question: Do you have any tips for new kiteboarders??


Simon: If you really want to learn to kite, take a little more time in one piece. If you only take a few hours here and there, it will be harder to get back to what you have learned. Find a friendly area for beginners with boat training or a standing area and never buy equipment until you have tested it yourself! If you follow this, then you can’t do so much wrong anymore.
I see you on the water, hopefully at Lake Garda! :)


If you want to learn more about Simon, you can also get inspired by his exciting trips and adventures around the world on his personal YouTube channel or his instagram blog.



We wish Simon continued success with his kitesurfing school and great new experiences. Of course we are happy to have him as an expert in the InspiredBySports community.

Source: Simon Hiemer.