Back on track within seconds – with kinesio tapes


IBS Publishing Team


An all-rounder! With the help of a Kinesiologic Tape, pain can be relieved, the regeneration time reduced and weak points compensated. But also tension can be relieved. We will tell you how to get back on your feet quickly with Kinesio Tapes.

The healing tape

The tapes are intended to support weakened parts of the body and ensure safety. They consist of a layer of cotton-nylon, under which a thin layer of acrylic adhesive is placed for fixing it to the body. Most variants are 5 centimetres wide and 5 metres long, but 10-centimetre models are also sold for wide muscle strands such as the back. The straps can be pulled lengthwise but not widthwise and are always breathable and waterproof.

Tapes help with these complaints

Thanks to the miracle bands, pain that occurs during certain movements can be prevented. When applied correctly, the pressure on the nerves and blood circulation can be reduced and lymph flow improved. Here the effect depends on the attachment of the tape. Thus they can help to eliminate pain, improve posture, increase performance and stimulate lymph flow. It doesn’t matter whether the aim is to relieve pain and swelling or to decompress the tissue. However, the tape only remedies the symptoms and not the problem itself – therefore, it is always important to be aware of what the particular trigger for the pain is.

The right application is key

In general, it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert when applying a tape for the first time. This could be a doctor, physiotherapist or personal trainer with appropriate training. This way you are on the safe side, as you can also make a lot of mistakes if the tape is not applied correctly. In addition, it should be ensured that the areas of skin to be masked are clean, not creamed and disinfected. If handled carefully, the tape will last 5 to 6 days.

This is how the tape can be easily attached to the knee. (Source: YouTube / Just Tape It )


Tape yourself up! Thanks to Kinesio Tapes you can relieve pain and reduce the regeneration time. So after an injury you can quickly get back on your feet or compensate your weak points. But beware: the symptoms can be eliminated, but the cause cannot be eliminated by the miracle tapes!

Source cover image: Pixabay / whitesession