Dip yourself in a new training experience: Immersive Fitness


IBS Publishing Team


Whether spinning in the snow or yoga on the beach: with immersive fitness your workout will reach new dimensions! Dive with all your senses into this unique 3D training experience. We explain to you how this unusual trend works, what its advantages are and where you can try it out.

How does Immersive Fitness work?

Don’t worry, nobody has to wear VR glasses during training. During immersive fitness, the group trains in front of a huge video screen. Thanks to a 360-degree projection and matching music, you can enjoy the workout with all your senses. The program, designed by Les Mills Fitness and Reebock, is designed to give the traditional studio classes more action and to motivate the participants to try their best. Pictures, music and trainer instructions of the spinning, yoga and martial arts classes are optimally coordinated and the program should change every three months.


Yoga at the beach – ultimative holiday feeling.

(Source: Reebock / Les Mills)

What are the benefits of training with canvas?

Fun and motivation are in the foreground! The immersion in another world should offer the participants an adventurous training in which one practically forgets that one is physically active. From virtual streets for spinning to disco balls like in a nightclub, everything is on offer. The group training is to be promoted thereby and even not well-trained people are to be motivated to plunge into exciting sport 3D worlds together.

That’s how sweating turns into fun! The whole thing is suitable for everyone who has no problem with dark rooms and loud music. In Germany, you can try out the training form in Hamburg and Nuremberg so far. So if you need a change from the weekly Bauch-Beine-Po course, you might want to make a trial appointment.

Ready for an extraordinary training experience? (Source: YouTube / Les Mills )


With Immersive Fitness you can immerse yourself in completely new dimensions of sport thanks to the 360 degree projections. Forget the world around you and switch off for a very special training experience. From spinning to yoga to martial arts, everyone gets their money’s worth.

 Source cover image: Reebock / The Mills