Goosebumps guaranteed – four most breathtaking dive spots in the world


Eva Mickler

The heart rate’s rising and blood pumps through the veins. Deep sea diving is not for weak nerves! Face to face with crocodiles and orcars – no kidding. If you are looking for the special adrenaline kick, don’t miss these four most extreme diving spots in the world.

1. The Dark Underwater World of the Cenotes

In the pitch-dark through narrow cave-gaps. This is not for claustrophobic people! The unique cave world of the Cenotes in Mexico offers a breathtaking dive with guaranteed thrills. Originally, the Cenotes served the Mayas as sacrificial sites. Diving experience is an advantage here, because it goes into narrow rock passages and only a guide line can bring the divers back to the safe surface.

Diving in the cenotes. Source: YouTube /Mario Neumann

2. Orcas off the coast of Norway

Ice cold – yet unique. In Norway you have the unique opportunity to follow the tracks of about 100 killer whales and watch them hunting. The expeditions are only offered during the winter months and literally get under your skin. And if you are lucky, you can even spot the polar lights or single humpback whales.

3. Saltwater crocodiles – dangerous friends

For those divers who have the courage to go on a dive with nine feet long crocodiles, the natural paradise Jardines de la Reina in Cuba is the perfect place to go. You can experience the skillful reptiles up close and take a closer look at their razor-sharp teeth. But don’t worry: a guide is always ready to help you on your snorkeling tour through the shallow water. Another place for such a kind of diving tour would be the reef Banco Chinchorro in Mexico.

4. Black Water Diving: nothing for cowards

Only those who are fearless embark on a search for the bizarre creatures of the deep sea. After sunset, the extraordinary animals are lured to the surface with the help of UW spotlights, where you can take a closer look at them. Palau, Hawaii, the Philippines and Norway are among the most suitable places for black water diving. An impressive adventure over the pitch-black deep-sea trenches.

Diving with killer whales. Source: YouTube / Original Diving



If you’re looking for an adrenaline kick, these thrilling places are definitely worth a look! Throw yourself in your wetsuits and go for a dive!

Source title image: Unsplash/ Alexandra Rose