Five perfect summer jobs for surfers


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You are in desperate need of a summer job, but don’t want to miss out on the amazing waves? We have five perfect summer employments, which will let you follow your surfing passion as well as earn some money at the same time.


As a lifeguard you basically get paid for hanging out at the beach all the time. At American beaches lifeguards are there to keep the sunbathers save. Yet, the guards occasionally have to take mandatory “exercise breaks” to keep in shape, so they need replacements. However, these jobs are coveted and hard to get. You have to pass the trail training and and then there is the competition. If you actually manage to get on the shortlist, you have to pass the actual training and the final test. But it’s definitely worth it, as the job pays well, and you can go surfing whenever you want.

Source: unsplash / Jeremy Bishop

Surf instructor

Every summer there are surf newbies gathering at the beaches of the world to learn how to ride the waves. Consequently, the camps are always in need of new instructors. Even if you have no experience with instructing, it’s easy and manageable for everyone who can surf well. Sometimes camps want water safety tests or CPR certification, but that’s nothing compared to what you get: a summer of paid surfing.


If you are looking for a job where you are free all day and have to work at night, waiting tables is a perfect option. With working times like these, you can go surfing all day and start serving hungry guests their food in the evening, when you cannot see anything anyways and the ocean becomes a bit dangerous. Of course, you have to consider applying to restaurants close to the beach.

Food delivery driver

You are looking for a short commitment job that pays enough? Then food delivery driver might be the perfect job for you. You make quick money the shifts are flexible and you can spend your days at the beach while delivering food in the evening. If you act smart and know your customers well enough, you can make up to 100 € per night. Does sound profitable, right?


Valets remind you of gangster movies? Us too. Yet, a job at a parking valet service can be very relaxing, especially if your work place is near the beach. Apart from the tip and driving amazing cars the job has the advantage that you can go surfing during the day. The only thing you need is a license and a clean record.



With so many alternatives there is definitely a fitting one for you, which will bring you through the summer while riding the waves on your board. No matter what you decide for, all these jobs guarantee you an unforgettable summer.

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