Mia Körkemeyer


Water Sports

Munich – Germany

This is me

Mia Körkemeyer grew up in St. Peter-Ording – and was also introduced to kite surfing there in 2010. She studied economics with focus on marketing in Berlin. During and after her bachelor studies, she was able to travel a lot due to her kite instructor job. The islands of Sansibar and Mauritius impressed her in particular.


Since 2014, she has been living and working in Munich. She is very lucky to be able to go surfing and recently also sailing for 3 to 4 months a year. Especially during winter, Munich is the best location to go snowboarding and skiing.


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Mia Körkemeyer
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Why I‘m


I like any kind of sports: especially kite surfing, snowboarding and skiing.

I also love walking barefoot on the beach.

My recent exercise routine in Munich: Tennis, surfing, boxing and memory training.