Helena Sturm

Individual Sports

Munich – Germany

This is me

I think I was born as a dancer. Because dancing has always determined my life and is my great passion! I love that I was able to turn my hobby into my profession.


Since I graduated in 2015, I have always travelled where there are exciting new projects! I always keen on taking the next step and I always try to get the most out of myself because new challenges are so exciting for me!


I keep my eyes and my mind open for whatever chance comes my way!

Next events I’m part of

“Die Jungfrau von Orleans” – Theater an der Wien (Stunt-Double Johanna)

“Pension Schöller” – Léhar theatre Ostern (Frederike Schöller)

“Im weißen Rössl” – Léhar festival Bad Ischl (director assistant)

Helena Sturm
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Why I‘m

Wherever I go – I get the chance to redefine myself. With every new project I feel like I can start from the beginning and be the very person I am in that moment. That helps so much with finding who I really want to be and who I am right now.

Meeting new people all the time is huge part of my daily life – and I love it!

To get in touch with so many talented artists inspires me and makes me feel home in a world that is completely loose and drawn apart by the constant traveling.