Experience mountain biking in a new way – Sram Eagle AXS makes it possible


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Mountain biking is an absolute highlight for many cycling enthusiasts. The selection of high-quality equipment is varied. But how about finally getting down a mountain without loosening the handlebar grip to shift gears?


Sram Eagle AXS introduces the first fully electronic MTB circuit on the market, revolutionizing mountain biking. A detailed test has shown what this new type of gearshift really is capable of and how it works.


The American company Sram Eagle AXS is known for state-of-the-art mountain bike and racing bike technology and develops innovative products in offices worldwide. The latest stroke of genius is an MTB circuit that works completely wirelessly. The operation of the Sram Eagle AXS is simple and takes place via a controller that communicates wirelessly with the rear derailleur.

What’s new?

The controller (formerly called shift lever) is connected to the rear derailleur by radio. The new gearshift is still based on the mechanical Eagle top groups X01 and XX1. The teeth of the cassette allow a bandwidth of 500 percent and 1 x 12 gears. The installation is, due to the absent cables, simple and looks clean.


Really new are the chain and cassettes in rainbow colours and the controller. It may take some getting used to, because the two levers have been replaced by a rocker switch. The absolute highlight is the “Secret-Sprint”, which allows a rapid switch without loosening the hand from the handlebar. Ideal for daredevil downhill manoeuvres that require complete concentration and control over the handlebars.


Quelle: Sram.com

AXS – controllable via App

The special gadget is the App, with which every setting of the Sram Eagle AXS circuit can be controlled. Another function that can be set by app is the “Out of the Box” circuit. Here the complete cassette can be switched up and down by permanently pressing the rocker switch. The app still offers no further functions and serves more as a small gimmick for those interested in technology. However, Sram wants to release more updates in the future.

Technical Highlights

The only 25g heavy battery is quickly charged via USB and doesn’t interfere while driving due to its good position. According to Sram, the battery life is 40 operating hours using the circuit. As soon as the bike is stopped, the system goes into sleep mode. Switching on and off is not necessary.

The controller’s power comes from a standard CR2032 button cell and, according to the manufacturer, should last for years. By using three radio standards for the individual elements (connection between circuit & controller, communication with the smartphone and data transmission to Garmin & Co.), connection errors are to be avoided and a smooth operational sequence is to be guaranteed.


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The test results speak for themselves. After a few laps, with the new Sram Eagle AXS, neither shifting errors nor a jumping or rattling chain could be noticed. The non-stop gear changes worked perfectly and with maximum precision. In addition, the fantastic wireless appearance and the unique driving experience are convincing.


Sram creates a completely new driving experience with the usual high quality standard. Somewhat deterring could be the price, of approx. 2000 Euro. But considering the advantages and promised longevity, the investment is worthwhile in any case.

Saure title image: Sram.com.
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