Weekend tip: take off in the wind tunnel – for young and old


IBS Publishing Team

You are still looking for a destination for your common family trip? We were in Neufahrn and tested the wind tunnel in the north of Munich. Here young and old get their money’s worth and can really take off together. Here you can find out what you have to look out for and how this works.

Feeling like a real skydiver. You don’t have to be professionals. In the wind tunnel of the FlyStation Munich you can also enter directly as an absolute beginner without previous knowledge and start your first flight attempts in a safe environment. Whether with your friends or the whole family. Flying in a wind tunnel is possible from the age of four and is therefore the ideal adventure for young and old.

Which package is ideal?

Having arrived at the FlyStation Munich we have decided for the offer “Family Pack 20”. With a total of 10 flights of 2 minutes each it turned out to be the ideal package to share the unique feeling of flying with our friends. What was special about it was that we were able to divide our flights into groups as we wished. However, two minutes are sufficient for a first flight.

How does it work and what do I have to watch out for?

Before we started, we got a briefing from an experienced instructor. He explained to us exactly how to move in the wind tunnel and was always at our side during our flights. The adventure began with the first step into the wind tunnel. Every minute in the wind tunnel of the FlyStation Munich corresponds to a parachute jump from about 4,000 meters altitude. A really high feeling that you have to experience it yourself.


The necessary flight equipment (flight suit, helmet, glasses and earplugs) is included in the Family Pack 20 and was provided to us free of charge. After we slowly but surely used up all our flight minutes and an adventurous day in the wind tunnel came to an end, each of us received a personal certificate.


So if you’re looking for a family adventure in Munich and the surrounding area or want to experience a really cool adventure with your friends, then FlyStation Munich offers you the chance to really take off together. Whether as a couple or in a smaller group, everyone is guaranteed to get their money’s worth. A real air experience for young and old.

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