Those who think paragliding is boring should try paraglide-aerobic or  also called “Acro-Paragliding”. Acro-Paragliding is the denotation of flying acrobatic figures like loops and turns while paragliding. The tricks are executed by pulling the lines and letting them loose, guiding the special paraglide. 


In the beginning this type of freestyle-flying was left to the young and wild, but within the last couple of years, this specific type of sports has gained popularity. There are even competitions and FAI accepted world championships.


Acrobatic flying is challenging and also quite dangerous. You have to start slowly to adapt the body to the centrifugal forces. The pilots practice continuously and regularly switch out their equipment. Every six months they replace their glides and every three months they substitute their cords.


Most Acro-Paragliders share the opinion, that the best motivation for practicing a lot is the amazing feeling while flying. Some pilots even say, that paraglide-aerobic is an addiction and that it’s very hard to stop once you’ve started it.


There’s one thing to be sure of: as beautiful as the view and the feeling are, acro-paragliding is not for the faint-hearted.


Picture Source: Red Bull

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