Quidditch – the game from the world-famous novel


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This sport is known to most from the world-famous series of novels by J.K.Rowling. Of course, the language of Quidditch. But how to play this sport in real life.

Anyone who has read or watched Harry Potter is certainly familiar with the game of Quidditch. Those who think that the Muggle Quidditch exists only fictitiously, are wrong. In fact, the game is played with a broom in real life. Whereas in real life Quidditch is played in a slightly different way.

How is Quidditch played properly?

Quidditch is a very extensive game, which includes elements from rugby, handball as well as dodgeball. Unlike the Harry Potter version, the players don’t fly through the air on brooms, but run across the field with a plastic pipe.

The team division

A team is made up of 7 players. Both male and female. Accordingly, each athlete has its own task. Among the various positions hide the hunter, guardian, driver and also the seeker. Provided is that the hunters pass a quaffle back and forth. Finally, the ball, then should be thrown at the opposing team in one of the three rings. With a hit, the team receives 10 points. Furthermore, the activity of the guardians is to defend their own rings.

Furthermore, there are 2 drivers who are responsible for eliminating the opponents. In short, their mission is to use claps to knock off the opposing team. Those who have been hit must drop out of the game. Until they have touched their own rings again. Then the participant may rejoin the game. The seeker is a person who wants to catch the snitch. This is attached to an impartial, skillful and nimble player.

As a sign of recognition, the racer wears a yellow T-shirt. The one who catches the snitch can score 30 points for his team.

The equipment for a Quidditch match

The necessary equipment for a game includes brooms for the participants. In this case, plastic pipes from the hardware store are quite sufficient. As a result, 5 balls are part of the game. One of them is sometimes a quaffle. This is a volleyball of size 5.

In addition, there are 3 swatters, which are dodgeballs. Other equipment is 6 goal rings, 3 for each team. Another important element of a Quidditch game is the snitch. Since there are no small flying balls in the real world, the problem is solved differently. The player with the yellow shirt attaches a tennis ball stuck in a sock to the waistband of his pants.

Where is the contact game played ?

Quidditch is becoming increasingly popular and well-known, especially in the university environment. In any case, as of 2020, the International Quidditch Association already has 40 national associations. But countries like Russia, India, New Zealand and Peru are following suit. Although there are still no official associations in these countries, enthusiasm for the sport is growing. In the meantime, the only continent on which Quidditch is still barely represented is Africa.


Ever been interested in a more specialized sport? Then give Quidditch a try. Whether to start in a club or simply with friends to recreate the Harry Potter game. The fun is guaranteed!

Source Cover Image: Unplash/ Louise Smith