Pure action: The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series on the Philippine island of Palawan!


IBS Publishing Team

The legendary Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, which was founded exactly ten years ago, will start the next round in El Nido. The world’s best athletes provide plenty of action with breathtaking jumps. Between April and September, the extreme sport will take place in oceans and rivers in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, before crowning two new champions.

The water action highlight of the year

El Nido enters the eleventh season of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. The location will be there for the first time and the 24 athletes will take up the challenge of an off-the-cliff competition at the first event: acrobatic jumps, free fall from up to 27 meters and speeds of more than 85 km/h. Can the reigning champions Rhiannan Iffland (AUS) and Gary Hunt (GBR) continue where they left off in 2018 and take the King Kahekili trophy home again?

“In the past years the first one was really hard, but now I am much more confident with my jumps. Still, from this height the first jump is still a big challenge.”, explains seven times overall winner Hunt.

Source: Press Red Bull Content Pool

While experienced jumpers have to  learn to cope with the nerve-wracking first jumps, we are curious to see how the newcomers will perform: The Ukrainian Olympic bronze medallist Oleksiy Prygorov and Constantin Popovici from Romania. Once again there will be last year’s overall runner-up and FINA World Champion Steven LoBue (USA), 2017 champion Jonathan Paredes (MEX) and Cliff Diving legend Orlando Duque (COL), who will be jumping as a wildcard jumper.

The triple Australian overall winner could celebrate her 12th victory:
“Getting an even higher score at every event is the only thing I want to focus on this year”, says Iffland.

But the runners-up of the 2018 World Series, Adriana Jimenez (MEX) and Lysanne Richard (CAN), are on their heels. So the Australian has no time to rest on her laurels. In addition, newcomers are also motivated to win for both women: Eleanor Townsend Smart (USA) and Jessica Macaulay, the first British woman in the World Series.

Source: YouTube / Red Bull


The start of the eleventh World Series not only includes 16 seeded jumpers, but also four new and extremely young faces. They will definitely give new impetus to the competition at a premiere location in paradise. We are excited and really looking forward to lots of action!

Source: Press Red Bull Content Pool