The most beautiful running trails in Munich


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Jogging is one of the most practiced sports among the population. Besides little equipment, it does not require much experience. Besides that it’s important to find a beautiful trail to enjoy your run. Therefore, we present you the most beautiful running routes in Munich.

One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. When it comes to the topic of jogging, opinions quickly tend to differ. But after all, it is one of the most popular and easiest sports for many. Especially in summer, many people go for a run or two at sunset. To give you a little variety, here are the most beautiful running routes in Munich. Maybe there is a surprise or two for you.

Take a relaxed spin in Munich’s Olympic Park

Munich’s Olympic Park is a popular destination for many, especially due to its central location. In addition to attractions such as concerts, festivals and sundowners on the Olympiaberg, the park is also ideal for a run or two.

The best place to start this loop is at the Oberwiesenfeld subway station. Along the residential complexes in the Oly-Dorf you will reach the Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Lake. From here there are many routes and paths to explore the park. Our suggestion is to start with a loop around the lake. If you still have some air left, you should definitely walk up to the Olympiaberg. From up there you have a beautiful view over the city. After a short rest, we head back towards Oberwiesenfeld.

Since the Olympic Park is very large, the lengths of the routes can be varied well. Everything is possible between 5-10 kilometers. If that’s not enough, you can also take a short detour to the neighboring Luitpoldpark.

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From the Reichenbach Bridge to the Tiergarten

For those who live more in the center of the city, this running route is advantageous. The starting point is the kiosk at the Reichenbachbrücke. From there you run further up the Isar past the Wittelsbacherbrücke, the Isarphilharmonie until you reach the kiosk at the Tiergarten. From there you walk on the other side towards the Reichenbachbrücke.

Those who are motivated and have the energy for a longer round can continue to the Marienklause and cross the Isar from there. The bridge is also ideal for a short break. On the way back you walk along the entire zoo and can look at one or the other animals.

The route is 7-10 kilometers long, depending on where you turn around and run back. Afterwards you can reward yourself with a cool drink at the kiosk.

From the Kleinhesseloher lake to the Oberföhring weir

The northern part of the English Garden is considered a little insider tip for many. Especially runners can let off steam there, because the northern part offers many and extensive running routes. In our version, you start at Kleinhesseloher See and cross the bridge to the north. From there, always keep going in the direction of the Isar. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the flock of sheep that likes to stay in the north of the park.

Further downstream, the Oberföhring weir is not long in coming. Anyone who needs a short break should definitely take it here. In sunny weather, many gather there to let the evening fade away. After the short break, you will return on the other side of the river. At the middle ring you have to cross the Isar once again before you get back to your starting point.

In total, the route is about 5-6 kilometers long. Of course, the park also offers the possibility to extend the round a little further. Just walk past the weir to the next bridge.

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Munich offers a variety of beautiful running routes. If our three routes are too boring for you, you can always get new inspiration on various outdoor sites.


Ask your friends if they might have a few insider routes for you. In addition, this a way to organize a small group run.

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