Krav Maga – A martial art to improve self-confidence

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IBS Publishing Team

On their way home late at night especially women might not feel safe. It’s essential to be prepared and to be able to defend oneself against an attacker. The martial art Krav Maga teaches us to believe in ourselves by strengthening both body and self confidence!

Prepared through muscle memory

Krav Maga is a method of self defense originally developed in Israel. It combines techniques of boxing, karate and other martial arts such as punch- and footwork or ground fighting. It teaches how to properly react in situations of violence and to protect oneself and others.


Instead of being left in a state of shock, the participants are taught to react in the quickest and most efficient way. Through a method called “muscle memory”, the muscles are conditioned to automatically retrieve the learnt techniques and to react by themselves.

Quelle: Unsplash/ Timothy Eberly

Stay calm in any situation

Like other martial arts Krav Maga encourages its students to avoid physical confrontation and to recognize potential threads. In addition, it teaches ways to avoid any kind of conflicts and to be thoughtful under stress. Thereby the feeling of being vulnerable and helpless is reduced.

It doesn’t take long until the traning shows its effects: Coordination ability and reaction time are being improved and the body is strengthened. Furthermore, Krav Maga helps to work and function under pressure and to stay calm in any situation. The method is taught in courses and training centers and is also suitable for kids.


Especially women should act as confident as possible when encountering a potential attacker. They can do more than they might think and shouldn’t feel helpless. Krav Maga proves this, thereby improves self-confidence and last but not least is at the same time fun to learn!

Source title image: Unsplash/ Arisa Chattasa