Your real estate on a golf course


Located in the East of Honolulu, Hawaii, the Waialae Golf Course is one of the world’s most exclusive. You can fullfill your dream living within a tropical golf course.


Hawaii is not only a tropical dream for Americans, but for tourists from all over the world. Vast beaches, a rich culture and a gorgeous unspoilt nature are the cornerstones of this group of islands.


Sport enthusiasts are visiting Hawaii in millions every year. Surfing, hiking, mountainbiking and golfing are just the most common examples.


Golf enthusiasts read carefully – IBS found one of the world’s most exclusive golf courses worldwide, just 14 minutes from the capital Honolulu of the island of Oahu.


Who would not want to spend a lifetime on a golf course?

And we are not talking about being homeless under one of those beautiful palm trees – even though, this would be worth considering.


Built by 1920s star architect Seth Raynor, the luxurious Waialae Country Club not only received The Platinums Clubs of America 2015 award. As a rare feature the golf club is stated arround a gated community with big appartments on sale – starting at $4.5 million.


Living a dream?

If you ever dreamed of 24/7 golf, Waialae might be your chance. Though the prices seem pretty high, you will get an immediate access to the golf course, a pool, 4 bedrooms, a rare ocean view and a total of about 4,000 SqFt.


Convinced? If so, the IBS team would be honored to visit you one time – no kidding!

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IBS Publishing Team


This is truly a dream destination – not just in Golf, but also in life. With Golf, palm trees and the mighty ocean within short reach, this should definitly be a possible goal to reach sometimes in a lifetime.


A journey on a cruise ship from California to Hawaii might take up to ten days. So instead your best option is taking a plane. Traveling from the US you could retain a hot deal starting at 130 $ from LA.


Important for golfers: Your best time for Hawaii is in Spring and Winter. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a heat dome.


Our hint: For the best golf experience you should go for a room in the Waialae Country Club. Or you might be interested in buying one of those houses located in the area of Waialae. Then go for Choi Realty as they offer these luxurious real estates.


You want to combine golf and sightseeing? If you are going for the full service look for superior suites in The Modern Honolulu or Coconut Waikiki Hotel in the capital of the island.


Waialae country club

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