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Watersports /Think Blue Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter Ording/01.08.- 10.08.2014

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Watersports /Think Blue Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter Ording/01.08.- 10.08.2014

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It’s all going to be new this year: The Pringles kitesurf world cup celebrates its premiere on Fehmarn and welcomes the pros of the newly founded world kiteboarding league (WKL). In this article you’ll learn, where our three experts prepared for this challenge and what a roadtrip has to do with it.

From the 26th of august until the 4th of september the kite-elite is going to be visiting Fehmarn. Riders from all over the world are going to give their very best in the disciplines „freestyle“ and „foil“ and even further, the organizers have put together a great overall programm: awesome live-acts, sporty side-events and culinary specialties.

Our InspiredBySports-Experts Linus, Jana and Mario are going to be there as well. The tripple has been preparing at many different sports during their road-trip through Germany, Austria, Swizerland and Italy. After arriving at the final spot on Fehmarn, the first thing the three do is an equipment-check.

From our series „Budget Kitesurf Experience“. The great aim always in mind – we accompany Jana Schader, Mario Rodwald und Linus Erdmann  for an entire summer and keep record of their trip with their Budget rental car to ge the perfect preparation for the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup 2016 in Fehmarn.

Fehmarn is, in comparison to St. Peter-Ording the year before a lot greener, which makes the ride to the spots and also parking a lot easier. The island in the eastern sea offers besides from constant wind-conditions also the most sun hours in the country. With more then 20 quickly reachable kitespots with many wide stand-up-areas, everyone, starting from kite-beginners to pros gets their perfect conditions.


For example the „Gold“-spot is very easy to reach by car. After quickly parking the car and getting the board out of the boardbag, you’re already standing right by the beach.

Our pros start off right away – Beginners have an especially good opportunity of starting into kitesurfing, as the clear water, that allows you to stand without any problems, creates amazing conditions not only for pros but also for beginners. Linus, Jana and Co. are able to test their preparations and their equipment around noone but kiters, because there is an explicite kitezone on the right side of the entrance of the stand-up-zone.


The main kitesurf world cup spot on the southern beach offers ideal conditions for professional kitesurfers. Next to concentrated kiteaction during the contest there’s another Testival this year, that invites everyone to test the newest equipment on the market. Everyone whos interested needs to go to the north of the island: to the green brink. A spot, where – at a good north-east-wind – a clean wave of up to 2 metres in height can come up.

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There are definitely enough spots to diversify the preparations on the island. And you can reach all the spots quickly by car. We have big expectations in our pro Linus this year who is in great shape. For his direct preparations besides from all the spots on Fehmarn, Linus has chosen Norderney and therefore takes his rental car to the northsea-coast; it is known for the highest chance of great wind-conditions. We’re also getting closer tot he windier months, when the kite-community is headting to the spots at the north or eastern-sea.

The Highlight of the kite-year


It was a very intense, informative but also successful year for our three Budget Kitesurf Experience-pros. Especially for Linus, who has been a kitesurfer for a long time, but has only been on the big screen for a couple of years it has been a very sucessfull time within the ongoing season. His personal heights has for sure been the first tour-stop oft he WKL in the Dominican Republic at the MaiTai Cabarete Freestyle Invitational and his outstanding performance at the german championships, the Kitesurf Masters in St. Peter-Ording.

This is what Linus has to say to the ongoing season:


I trained very hard, had a lot of fun and have attended a couple of competitions this season. Recently I could show my skills during the kitesurf masters in St. Peter-Ording. The first place, that I won there, speaks for my overall performance this year.


Over 50 participants from all german states had registered fort he event in SPO and Linus could, thanks to his intense preparations in freestyle, reach the top of the podium. He spends a lot of time at the wakeboarding-site, which brings him the essential use: he isn’t dependent on the wind-conditions.

Linus is well prepared and excited for the contest:


If the weather doesn’t cooperate, I’m the first one at the wakeboard-site. I practise my tricks for the freestyle-discipline there, or rather, I work on the details and all the little things, that need a lot of skills with the bar. Later, when I’m attached to my kite, I can focuse on other things and can reach a lot more security. It’s extremely important for the contest!

Mario Rodwald has worked extremely hard on his comeback this year, but he isn’t in „world cup-form“ yet. Jana, who has had a lot of bad luck and is struggling with an ear-injury, isn’t sure to be starting as a rider.


Linus is sure going to get a whole lot of support from his buddy Mario anyway. He is going to accompany Linus as an experienced and firstly sucessfull rider to Fehmarn. With three european champion – titles and eight german championships he is sure to have enough experience to pass it on to Linus for the big stage. There has always been good chemistry between the three during the journey.

Mario’s small resume before the beginning of the world cup:


The kitesurf world cup on Fehmarn sadly also ends this years Budget Kitesurf Experience. Linus, Jana and I had a great time travelling all the way through Germany, practising in beautiful spots and deciding: Our journey isn’t ending yet!

It all sparkles, oh so new!


Not only the location is new this year, but there has also been added a new discipline that has been causing a fuss in the surfsport. No matter if surfing, windsurfing, SUP or kitesurfing – foil is THE new trend, even in the kiteboarding-scene. The foil, or foilboard is a kiteboard with a sword-like elongation underneath the board. At a high-enough speed, the board leaves the water and the rider surfs only on the elongation. Thereby the surfers can glide through the waves, minimize the water-resistance and increase speed. The foilboard therefore gives you the opportunity to start competitions even at light winds. A real plus for the event and the visitors. If everything goes as planned, even Linus is going to start with the foil.

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This is what a foil looks like in action. We’re excited, what this years contest has to offer.

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Kitesurf World Cup Fehmarn 2016 - Flächenplanung
Linus Erdmann


Linus Erdmann


Of course you depend on the wind and the weather while kitesurfing, but almost every trick, that you want to show at a contest on the water, can be prepared and trained at the wakeboarding-site.


Only possible by car – further it’s much more relaxed at the spot. Check out our parking areas in the overview. Just like the Pros – book here a Budget car at unbeatable World Cup conditions.


A campground is directly on the event site on which you will also encounter Linus with his Budget Car Rental. For all wimps we found other accomondations: the IFA Hotel Fehmarn and of course the most beautiful location on the Baltic Sea: Bretterbude Heiligenhafen


There a many side events at the event area: party week, cable park at the Weißenhäuser beach,… and it goes on and on…

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