Linus Erdmann: “This was my MaiTai Freestyle Invitational 2016”


Perhaps it is the most exciting watersport event and definitely my personal highlight of 2016. In this comment you will read, why I love the premiere of the World Kiteboarding League and what it has to do with  the with the women’s final.

It was a day that will go down in history because of the crazy action during the final and the successful closing of the World Kiteboarding League (WKL) which was made by the athletes themselves.


What inspired me the most as a longtime Kiteboarder: The athletes showed the world what a Kiteboarding event that’s organised from athletes is about.


Pure action at the final


12 women and 30 men were registered for the WKL. Especially the women have shown how an excellent final has to be.


Round about 3 o’clock p.m. the action began. The four finalists were fighting hard for the winner’s podium. The very best athlete of the event was the brazilian ex world champion Bruna Kajiya. She rode the waves with full concentration and resolution, did a perfect back roll and had the lead with 8.4 points.


Closely followed by Paula Novotna on the second place with an amazing back to blind and a closing S-mobe.


The Briton Hannah Whiteley got the third place with a great performance. The second brazilia, Estefania Rosa, leaved regrettably empty-handed.


The crazy motivation of the women convinced me to be a part of the World Kiteboarding League again next year. This event brimmed over with ambition, motivation and fun – a fantastic experience.


Picture source: Youtube / World Kiteboarding League

Linus Erdmann InspiredBySports


What I did on the event? The WKL was over for me on the fourth day. The wind was slow on this day but I was able to show some tricks and cheer for my fellows. At the next event I will be at full throttle.