Let the games begin! How to play Jugger


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Teamwork, responsiveness and concentration are required! The sport Jugger combines elements from individual sports like fencing with team sports like American Football. A technically and tactically demanding sport that requires speed and team spirit. In the following we will tell you how it all works.

From film sport to established sport

The sport developed from the end-time film “Die Jugger – Kampf der Besten” from 1989. Originally the idea existed to orientate itself faithfully to the film sport, but soon a sports-oriented faction developed and the first Jugger tournament took place in 1995 in Hamburg. From that time on, more and more fans of the sport emerged and the first German Championship in Jugger was held in Berlin in 1998. Since then it takes place every year with changing organizers. But the sport has also established itself outside Germany. Especially in Spain, the USA, Argentina and Australia many people enjoyed the sport. Nowadays almost 50 tournaments are held annually with participants from all over the world.

How to play Jugger

In Jugger, two teams compete against each other. A team consists of five field players and a maximum of three substitutes. The aim is to conquer the ball as often as possible from the centre and to protect one’s own runner when he makes his way to the opposing goal. For this purpose all other players are equipped with sticks, also known as pomps, with which they can defend themselves and beat off their opponents. Only the runner alone is able to pick up the ball, also called a jugger, and place it into the goal, which is called the mark. If you are hit by a stick, you are eliminated from the game for a certain time and have to mark this by getting on your knees. A valid hit is any touch on the whole body, except the neck, head and hands. When a signal tone sounds, the eliminated player may intervene in the game again, but the length of the forced pause varies depending on which object the player was hit with.


This game has no mercy. (Source: Jugger.org)

The playing field corresponds to an octagon and has a length of 40×20 meters. At the beginning of the game, the jugg is placed in the middle of the baseline. The teams must keep a distance of 2 meters from the middle line and try to conquer the jugg as fast as possible after the start of the game.

Which pomp do you prefer?

The Jugger has a total of 5 types of pomps: Chain, Q-tip, stick, long pomp and short pomp with shield. The players have the choice and can freely choose the suitable pomp depending upon play style. Of course, different utensils are suitable for certain forms of play. However, the rules do not contain any exact information on how the pomps should look like and therefore leave room for individual adjustments. Thus the participants are able to adapt the utensils to their own needs and even introduce new methods in Jugger.
The runner, on the other hand, is not allowed to have any pomp and is dependent on the support of his team. When in contact with the opposing runner, it is allowed to wrestle with each other in order to assert oneself.

Action-packed stunts are pre-programmed in Jugger! (Source: YouTube / Ragnarok Jugger)


This action sport has it all! Together with your team you can prove your reaction ability, your speed and your team spirit and leave the other teams behind you. Who has the best assertiveness, technique and tactics? Find out and let the games begin.

Source cover image:  Jugger.de