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My name is Therese, I’m 19 years old and a professional kitesurfer from Denmark. I’m part of the World Kiteboarding League and I participate in the world tour (currently ranked 5th).


I fell in love with the sport at a very young age, and from the first moment I knew this sport was something for me: the adrenalin, the nature and the possiblility of always pushing yourself to the next level. Kitesurfing is my passion that brings me a lot to life. I want to inspire the next generation to believe in their dreams and work hard for them to become reality.


SPONSORS: Neil PrydeCabrinha, Lindberg

Therese Taabel
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Why I‘m


2x danish campion and I parctice grattitude, to achive a more happy life.

Sponsored by Cabrinha international team.

Probably the most smiling girl on tour. My key to succes: Always smile and be positive. Because things happens for a reason.


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