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My name is Joachim (Jo) Horinek. I’m 26 years old born in Austria. With the age of 14 years I started wakeboarding, 6 years later I had my first experience with a kite. At this moment I realized that this would be more than just another board sport . A new passion was born. In the following years this passion became my new job.


Today I’m working as a kite instructor. In summertime I live in Italy, at the Lake Garda and in the winter I’m traveling around the world and working as a kite instructor for Kitesurf Adventure kite camps. If there’s no wind, I’m hanging around in the cablepark and try to improve my skills on the cable. The most important thing for me is having fun on the water !


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Jo Horniek
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Why I‘m


Kiting since 6 years.

Working as an instructor in different kind of sports more than 9 years.

Not just addicted to board sports in summer, my snowboarding skills are pretty awesome too :)

See you next time egypt! #kitesurf #oldschool #vegas #northkiteboarding #futurekiteboarding #egypt

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