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I was born and raised in the beautiful region in Germany called Allgäu and if I am not on tour right now, I still live there. As a wakeboarding pro I try to snowboard a lot as well to spend every free minute in the mountains in the winter time.


Working as as mechanic, is what I call my second job in the winter time. Before I turned pro in wakeboarding, I started as a professional snowboarder competing at events like Spring Battle and Big Air Stuttgart.



Red Bull, Rome, Liquid Force, Airblaster, Ride Engine, Unit Parktech, Sesitec

Felix Georgii
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Why I‘m


All day every day – spending the whole year on a board whether it is a wakeboard or snowboard.

Former snowboard pro, today: wakeboard pro.

Peace, Love and Happiness!

Tbarliftboarding 🙄 📷 @philphamphoto

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