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Water Sports

München – Germany

This is me

I would be surfing all day, if I would be a dolphin. And if there was no swell at all I would get on divers nerves, push kitesurfers off their boards or pull down seagulls under water.


But I am not a dolphin in real life, which does not minimize my passion and addiction to wind and water. Lucky enough there are these elements, so i don´t have do all that described above.


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Claudia Ott
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Why I‘m


As a lawyer in international law, my college program was pretty boring, which means my spare time has to be even more action filled.

I managed it to overcome three torn cruciate ligaments, therefore I am more than happy to help with rehab in any kind of way.

Fortunate enough to live and study abroad in Wales for a year, where I had the chance to surf some of the beautiful spots by myself. 2015 was a tremendous year traveling-wise: I saw 14 different countries.

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